Mother’s Day Twig Vase

mother's day vase square

What mother doesn’t like flowers?  I bought some Morning Glory climbing vine flower seeds for the children to plant.  We planted them inside in cups a few weeks before Mother’s Day.  The kids had a great time watering them every few days and waiting for the first sprout to appear. I find these seeds hardy and they transplant outside easily.  They have brilliant flowers and climb nicely.


We gathered some sticks on one of our nature walks.  I cut the sticks all the same length (approximately) using garden shears.


The kids helped me gather together some sturdy elastics and some pretty ribbon. I put two elastics around each cup and the kids slid in the sticks.  The elastics held the sticks in place.  They added sticks until the entire cup was covered.


We then wrapped ribbon around the elastics to add the finishing touch.  A handmade twig vase for Mother’s Day was the perfect container to hold the Morning Glory sprouts. Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. ilove the ideas I would love to know more

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