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As daycare providers, we have BUSY days.  At some point in the day, we need to devote time to reporting and communicating with our daycare parents.  Parents want to know how long their baby napped, what their toddler ate and what their preschooler learned that day.  The more children you have in your care the longer it takes to give individualized feedback to each parent. There are a variety of different methods caregivers use to communicate with parents on a daily basis.  Some text, some send photos, some email, some write in communication books, some use a phone call and others give a verbal report at the end of the day.

I have recently found a new web and mobile app especially designed for daycare providers, it’s called Kinderloop.  The developer is a regular Dad who was thinking one day, “There has got to be a better way to involve parents in their child’s daycare day?”  He developed Kinderloop as a safe and secure method for caregivers to post pictures and comments just for their own daycare parents to view.  His driving philosophy was to make the app as easy and helpful as possible for the caregiver.  (We like that!)

I was given the chance to try out Kinderloop in my own home daycare and I’m hooked!  It was super easy and quick to post pictures and notes for my daycare parents.  They love it because they can actually see what their child is doing that very day.  In the past, I found the best use of my time was to devote an hour at the end of the month to compile the photos and send them in a monthly newsletter report.  But Kinderloop is far easier and fun to use.

Being a parent myself, I am cautious about putting my children’s faces on the web.  I like how Kinderloop is a closed system and parents can only access photos of their own children after I have invited them.  Kinderloop has designed a system that saves time for the caregiver and makes it easy for the parents to access the photos through a password account.  I inputed the names of my daycare children and the email addresses of their parents.  Once my daycare account was set up, it was easy for me to send photos with comments with a touch of a few buttons.  If a child is being especially cute (which always happens!) then I grab my ipad and snap a photo.  Then I click into my Kinderloop account, choose the photo and add a comment if I wish, and the app sends it out to the correct parents of the child in the photo-easy!  I can send a bunch of pictures or just one. I can add lots of comments or none.  Parents can also comment on the photos they receive.

Here is the best part!  Kinderloop has offered to give five (5) of my readers a FREE 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP (each one is a $100 value)!  How great is that! The developer is a wonderful person who really wants to make our job easier.  If you have any questions or need help setting up your online account, assistance is only a quick email away.


Enter to win a Free 6 month membership to Kinderloop.

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The contest will be open for 6 days.  Good luck everyone!



  1. Hi there! I’ve just come across your site, as I am interested in starting childcare in my home. I am a nurse and mother of one. Thank you for sharing your great tips, I will continue to surf your site!:)
    I am interested in the Kinderloop membership, however it will not let me enter and remains “loading”.
    Is there another way to enter?

    • HowToDaycare says

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m sorry to hear the giveaway form isn’t loading for you, darn computers! Don’t worry, I will add you manually into the contest. I just need a first name and a way to contact you (email) if you win. Send me a quick email message to and you’re in. Good luck Sarah!

  2. I’m signed up! 🙂

  3. Tamia Richardson says

    Love love your site! Thank you for all your work to provide this for us home daycare workers.

  4. I’ve signed up.

  5. Love love love your blog

  6. Jana,
    What a great idea.
    I pondered the thought of putting in a webcam but that only works if we are in the daycare room and not outside at the park /field trips etc. So out the window that idea went. KINDERLOOP is a great idea – right now I have to remember to take the camera as I take tons of photos but this would be sooooo much easier. I like the idea about sending out an end of the month newsletter – do you have a template that you use ?? I used to post one at the front door but I don’t think they read it. Thanks Jana – great info as always !!

    Cheers Wendy

    • HowToDaycare says

      Webcam, some of my daycare parents would love that!! I take videos of the kids just playing happily and show them to the parents every few months. They love getting a peek into seeing how their child interacts with their friends. I’ve created my own template and I’d be happy to do a blog post about it if you are interested. Good luck in the contest Wendy!

      • Hiya Jana,

        You have newsletter template – of course you do !!!
        Sure a blog post would be great b/c if one of us is thinking about them there are more of us thinking about it…..

        I went and tried to visit the Kinderloop App – not able. I thought there would be a few “fake” pics of children doing their thing – just as an example.

        My daycare parent would love it….they are all quite tech savy as are the dads and one is even a cop so he would really like to get pics while at work b/c some weeks he doesn’t get to see the kids b/c of his hrs.
        fingers and toes are crossed for the cool app !!!!

  7. I think I entered. 🙂

  8. Love this idea!! I will be starting my home daycare in the fall and would love to have something like this for the parents!

  9. Kate McKinney says

    Hi! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I just started my home daycare in April and you have lots of helpful info on your site! I get your most recent posts in my inbox and that’s very helpful!

    • HowToDaycare says

      Welcome to the home daycare world Kate!! If you have any topics that you would like to read about, please send me a message and I’ll write a post about it. I’m happy to hear you are finding this site helpful.

  10. Darlene Arnold says

    I signed up to receive your newsletter and updates.

  11. Follow you on google reader


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