St. Patrick’s Day – Four Leaf Clover Crowns and Pot of Gold Dancing

st. Pat's day crowns

We read two books today about Leprechauns and their pot of gold under the rainbow.  The children enjoyed them so much I decided to extend the St. Patrick’s Day fun.  My little ones love to skip and move so I put together a pot of gold we could dance around. We used a mixing bowl, a yellow silk and some gems from my daughter’s Bejeweled Board Game.


Young children think dancing is fun but wearing a crown AND dancing is twice the fun! We decided to make four leaf clover crowns to wear as we danced.

I found some sandpaper and cut out clover shapes so that the children could do crayon rubbings.  I thought the children could cut out the clovers and paste them onto a paper crown.


The crayon rubbings didn’t turn out well. My youngest just liked touching the sandpaper and the other children found the process interesting but wanted to decorate their crowns with real clovers.


It’s winter here, we don’t have real clovers available but I did have clover paper plates that I gave the kids to cut up.


They coloured, cut, and pasted happily.


I wanted to give them a four leaf clover so I made one for the children who were interested in wearing a crown. Three green pipe cleaners were used for each four leaf clover.


First, I twisted a pipe cleaner into an oval. Then I twisted the oval into a figure eight. See below on the right hand side.


I bend the figure eight a tiny bit to shape the circles into hearts.  See example on the left. Once I had both pipe cleaners bend into hearts I placed them together (one sideways) to make a clover shape.


Use the third pipe cleaner to secure the clover shape together.  I twisted the end around a few times in the middle to keep all four leaves together.


Lastly, I looped the loose end of the pipe cleaner back onto itself and twisted it around a few times to form a stem.


The kids showed me where they wanted their four leaf clover attached to their crown.


The finished project was very much a product of the children’s imagination and looked nothing like I had envisioned when we sat down to craft.  I love it when this happens.


Here are three finished crowns.


I lay out a large green cloth and put on some lively celtic music for dancing.  The children wore their crowns and grabbed an instrument to shake as they danced around the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   What a bunch of cute leprechauns!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the little dancing leprechauns at your home daycare.

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