Clean Up Time : How To Turn An Unmotivated Child Into A Cleaning Guru




A five step guide to help parents or caregivers teach young children (1 year old to 5 year olds) how to clean up their toys.  This easy to understand, 20 page guide, explains how to motivate a child to participate in clean up time.  It includes a developmental section so the adult knows what they should expect from a child at each age category.  This guide will give the reader the knowledge and steps they need to create a peaceful and effective clean up time for everyone.


What a great ebook! Very useful for home childcare providers who are needing some guidance on where to start and keep up a successful clean up routine. May prevent a few premature grey hairs too!
Sandra (RECE)  – Power Of Play Home Child Care

There is a TON of helpful hints in this 20 page e-guide. If you run a home daycare, or even want some tips on how to better organize a classroom in a daycare center or school room, or even a mom who wants a tidy playroom, there are so many tips in here that you will think, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” It just makes sense! A lot of these tips help minimize playroom/classroom messes that get too big and become too long and overwhelming to clean.

Jana even lists out what to expect at each age level, how you can make clean-up age appropriate from a one year old to school-aged children. She even lists some clean-up songs that can be used, and the importance of using music/ a song when it comes to tidying up. – Home Daycare Owner & Homeschooling Mother

I love Clean Up Time!  It is practical, and you can tell the author has first-hand experience with the challenges of getting a group of young children to clean together happily.  The specific organizational tips for faster and easier cleaning are especially useful–I’m implementing some of them right now!
Carla, Home Daycare Provider from Preschool Powol Packets