1 Minute Prep. Ideas = Kid Friendly Snacks

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Every once in a while I enjoy putting an extra minute or two into my snack time preparations to bring a smile to the children’s faces.  A little effort goes a long way to impress the kids.

One simple idea is to use a cup or a glass instead of a bowl.  I put applesauce in an expresso size cup with a few berries and the children DELIGHTED in eating their snack that afternoon.


They also like eating out of a glass with a stem. This is a great choice when I do yogurt parfaits.  You can see the layers of fruit, granola and yogurt through the glass.

Last winer I had some plastic cups left over from a craft so I filled them with popcorn at snack time.  It took only a minute to draw a snowman face on the cup and add a ribbon scarf. This idea came from Pinterest.


Popcorn is a choking hazard for young children so if you have little ones you could use crackers, cereal or fruit in a cup instead.

If you don’t have any interesting containers to put the snack in you can always use food to make an edible picture.  The picture can be very simple and it will still be a huge hit with your daycare children.


Here is a butterfly sandwich using whole grain toast wings, a carrot body and pepper antennae.

One Saturday, my husband made my son this bug egg salad sandwich for lunch.  I walked into the room and saw it before he took a bite.


It brought a smile to my face and I had a chance to experience what my kitchen efforts normally produce for the daycare children.  It feels great to sit down to lunch and be greeted by a buggy smile.

Have fun ‘playing’ with your food!

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