#1 Requested Lunch -Navy Bean & Veggies


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About six months ago I served my daycare children a navy bean casserole for lunch one day and I was pleasantly surprised when all five of the kids loved it. They commented on how delicious it was and they all ate every last bite.

Mmmmm,…………. this is odd in my world.  I consider a meal a success if the majority of the kids like it but it is rare to find a winner across the whole table.   Two weeks later I served the same meal and they all loved it AGAIN.  It wasn’t a fluke so this meal quickly got added to our regular menu.  I love it as well because it is so easy to prepare and it is very healthy.


Ideally, I like to soak the navy beans overnight and then let them simmer slowly for an hour or so while we have craft time.   Some days are more rushed and I need a fast, easy lunch.  This is when I just reach for a can of navy beans and give them a good rinse. My daycare children like them with a sauce and without.


Sometimes I make a big pot of vegetable stew or soup and I use it the next day for my navy bean sauce.


I have a single serving container on my blender and I just blend up the veggies into a smooth sauce.


As long as I don’t put too much sauce on the beans even the picky eaters don’t complain.


Other days, I chop up a bunch of veggies into little bowls.  They love spooning their choices over the navy beans and mixing them all up.  My group likes cucumbers, sugar snap peas, yellow peppers, carrots, red peppers and avocado.


May your daycare lunches be filled with healthy food and satisfied tummies.


  1. Hi! Do you have a menu that you use or do you decide on the day what the kiddies will eat?
    Your website is fantastic! So much useful information ☺

    • HowToDaycare says

      I’ve tried both methods and I find having a menu makes the day easier for me. Toddlers tend to lack patience when they are hungry so I like to have my meal organized and ready to go when my daycare group consists of a bunch of little ones! Jana

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