10 Problem Solving Activities using Blocks -for 2.5 -7 yr olds

block partyOne mother in our homeschool co-op group is fantastic at putting together learning activities for a big group of multi-aged kids.  She has graciously allowed me to blog about her idea since it would be a sure winner with a daycare group.

The youngest children who fully participated were two and a half years old and the oldest was seven.  There was a one year old at the activity that enjoyed his own self-directed play with the blocks.

The block activities were organized into stations and the children rotated around the stations at their own pace.  I would suggest sitting with the children and working with them if you have a younger group.  You could give them one or two of the activities to complete together as a group with you as the leader.


Activity #1- Build a stable out of blocks that will allow three horses to fit in together. Remember to build them a doorway so they can come in and out.  Add a fenced area beside the stable if you want.


Activity #2- There’s a kitten stuck up in a tree. Use the blocks to make steps up the tree so that the lady can save the kitten.


Activity #3- Use the blocks to make a triangle, rectangle, and a square.


Activity #4- There is a rain storm about to happen in the forest.  Build a house using blocks for this troll to keep him safe from the storm.  Make sure his house has a roof to keep him dry and a door.



Activity #5- Build a ramp using blocks and the large green piece of wood.  Put the cars on it and see if they zoom down.


Activity #6- Use the scale to find out how many blocks equal the same weight as the toy turtle.  How many blocks does it take to equal the same weight as the banana?


Activity #7- How many blocks does it take to reach from the piano leg to the chair leg? Place them in a line right in front of each other.


Activity #8- Build a tall tower of blocks for the pendulum to knock over. (My daycare group brought the materials for this activity!)


Activity #9- Help the animals cross the river by building them a bridge with the blocks and the long piece of wood.


Activity #10- How many blocks does it take to cover the surface of this book?



You can choose the activities that would best suit your daycare group or make a morning of it and complete all of them. There are mathematical learning opportunities built into each activity for your children to discover.  Try them out, expand the children’s problem solving skills, and have fun playing with blocks!



  1. There are so many different activities you can do with blocks. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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