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If you have been participating in my Letter of the Week Program you may want to compile your letter crafts into an Alphabet Book.  Children greatly benefit from a closing activity after taking part in a program that lasts many weeks.  Your daycare children have become used to your letter activities every week.  They might be wondering what they will be working on next.

You can have a day long alphabet party or just a short 10 minute reflection but having some sort of tie-up activity helps children leave a unit of study feeling good about their accomplishments. We decided to look through each letter craft and arrange them on the floor so that the child could see visually what they had created.


I helped the children reflect on their own learning by asking them a few questions.  Now that you have finished all the letters, what was your favourite one?  Why?  What one did you find difficult?  What letters are easy for you to remember? What letter craft do you feel is your best work?

These questions got each child talking and gave them a chance to express their thoughts about their work and their learning.  I love listening to a child’s reflection as they always surprise me with unique comments!


To make your alphabet book you can hole punch the pages and put them into a folder.  Another idea would be to use strong staples, binder rings, or yarn.  We decided to simply grab a heavy duty paper clip and use it.


I gave each child a piece of paper to decorate as their title page and we put the book together.


It is quite a treasure for a child to have their own hand-made alphabet book in their home library; one they can use and also admire.  Hopefully they will look at it often and remember the fun they experienced while they learned the letters of the alphabet.

Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. k from London says

    Bah! I sent their letter crafts home each week. I didn’t realize we were putting it all together at the end. Oh Crum!

    • HowToDaycare says

      Oh darn! There is always next year. I should have put more reminders to keep the crafts at the end of each post. Sorry!

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