Alphabet Maze

alphabet maze

My daycare children enjoy doing any type of maze.  However, their favourite mazes to complete are ones that they can physically run through.  Today I cut long strips of cloth from an old piece of fabric.  An old bed sheet or towel would work well for this activity.


I started laying the long strips of fabric on the floor at one end of the room and arranged them in a zig zag pattern. The children need practice with their letter names and letter sounds so we used a set of large picture alphabet cards with the fabric strips. The cards are big enough to jump on as stepping stones.


The letter cards were placed along the fabric path.  I mixed up the order of the letters and chose to use the letters the children need to practice.


My group was so focused on completing the maze they put forth 100% effort to recall all the letter names and sounds.


After they finished the initial maze they decided to add new rules and modify the game.  The strips of fabric were easy for them to rearrange, organize and form new maze patterns. You could practice numbers, colours, shapes, or sight words using this same activity.

May all your paths lead to laughter!

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