Banana Snack FUN for Kids!

Banana Snack CollageA preschool teacher friend of mine was preparing a snack one day and I saw her cut the bananas with the peel still on and then slice it.  I then watched as the kids had a great time unpeeling their own banana slices. They played with the peels and made little designs on their plates.  I thought, what an EASY and FANTASTIC idea.

My toddlers and preschoolers love being served bananas in this fashion.


First: cut off both ends of the banana.




Second: run a knife slit down the length of the banana peel.





Third: cut medallions of banana about 1 inch wide, leaving the skin intact.




Serve and let the child remove the skins themselves starting at the small slit in the peel.




This quick snack is efficient for you, the caregiver, and fun for the kids!








  1. What a fun way to serve bananas! I’m going to try this with my six-year-old.

  2. That is a great idea! Kids love to peel things. They always ask to do their own orange peel when we have them. Have you seen that banana snack trick? They might like that. Look up Banana pin trick on google. Thanks for sharing your banana snack at Mom’s Library!

  3. I bet our playschool kids would love this! Thanks for sharing your post with us! I hope you join us again (yeah I know it’s a day late… linky issues) at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!