Bunny Hide and Seek Game

Bunny Hide and Seek

I was bringing out all my Easter Bunny books and bunny toys when I thought it might be fun to play a game of ‘hide the toy bunny’.  My group loves it when I hide a small toy and they get to go find it somewhere in the playroom.  They can play this game over and over again.  It appeals to the young ones and the older kids so it’s one of our favourites.


Today I thought of a new twist on our regular game.  It came about because we had been talking about the real bunny tracks the children see in the snow on my front yard when they arrive every morning.  We must have a neighbourhood bunny that makes his regular early morning hop through my yard.  They have seen the bunny prints all winter but now are wondering if he is still around since the snow is melting and they can’t see the footprints any more.

I decided to make some bunny footprints on a black piece of construction paper with some white chalk.


I drew rabbit prints on three pieces of paper.  I showed the children the toy bunny I was about to hide so they knew what they were trying to find.


I had the children sit in one place and close their eyes.  This is always the most difficult part for the little ones!


I placed the first set of tracks in the front entrance.  By looking at the tracks carefully the children would be able to decide to go into the playroom or the kitchen to begin their hunt.


I walked through the playroom and placed the second set of tracks leading into the eating area.


The last set of tracks made a left hand turn at the piano.


I hid the bunny beside the piano leg and then went to help the children ‘read’ the track clues. The children caught on very quickly to the game concept.  We have spent time outside following the real rabbit tracks so they did have some prior experience.  They knew the back feet of the rabbit were longer and therefore could tell the direction the prints were heading in. I helped them at first and the group had to agree to go one way or the other before they moved to the next room as a group.


They found the bunny no problem!


Of course they wanted to play again and again and again.  Eventually, the older children wanted to do the hiding and then the younger ones also had a turn doing the hiding.


We could have used more prints going in different directions but we just made do with the three sets I originally drew.


This was an easy game to prepare and it provided the children with lots of fun.  It was also a great way to practice pronouncing the words ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ for that tricky ‘th’ sound which can be tough for this age group.

Have a Happy Easter Everyone!!