Chalk Stencil Letter Practice

chalk stencil letter practice.jpg

Letter stencils are a fun way to practice letters, names and simple words outside.  I used the cut-outs from my lace-up card kit. They are not real stencils but they work well enough.  You could make your own out of thin cardboard (cereal boxes) or purchase a durable multi purpose set that will last.


The children chose a few letter stencils and quickly got to work creating chalk letters all over the driveway.


Even the baby who can’t identify letter names yet was eager to try out the stencils.


The children practiced writing their names and the names of important people in their lives.


We also used the stencils to write random letters around the driveway and played an active game of “run and find the letter………K !”


The kids make up their own game of jumping from letter to letter and shouting out the letter names as they went.  They also made up some crazy letter combinations and then asked me to read the words that they had created.


This was an enjoyable activity and another opportunity for the children to interact and become more familiar with the letters of the alphabet.


Plus, ……it’s a great excuse to do a crazy letter dance on the front driveway with your friends!


  1. How cute. =)


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