Decorate The Felt Christmas Tree! -Toddler Activity


Children LOVE to decorate Christmas trees. Here’s a cute tree made of felt that your daycare children can decorate again and again.

Felt is a great fabric because it will stick to other pieces of felt. Your children can put the felt ornaments on the felt tree and then take them off a million times before the felt will start to wear.

One of my daycare mothers made this felt activity for her son. She brought it to daycare this morning so we could all play with it for a few days.

It’s straightforward to make and could be altered to fit any theme or activity you might need for a birthday party or holiday.

For example you could make a birthday cake with candles and candy decorations, pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face, tree with apples and birds, barn with farm animals, pond with fish and frogs, construction site with vehicles, etc.

To Make:

Large piece of green craft felt

Craft felt in assorted colors


Hot glue gun

Permanent marker

Adhesive backing (see photo below)



Decide on how big you want your tree to be and what you would like to include in the scene. Simple is best for young children. You don’t need to be an artist.

Use a pen to draw one large object or scene on the felt. Once you are happy with how it looks, cut it out.

You can add a few details to the periphery of the scene by gluing on pieces of felt using the hot glue gun (ex: gifts below the tree).

Next, cut out your smaller decoration objects. Use a permanent marker to add details on the decorations or glue on felt details if you wish (ex: the snowman’s hat).


Now you are ready to attach it to your wall. Make sure to use adhesive strips that won’t damage your walls.  These command strips worked well for us.


You could also use strong magnets and attach it to your fridge, or lay it over the back of a sofa (or chair) and attach with clothespins.

If you have a bulletin board, you could pin the scene onto the board. Another option is to simply lay it down flat on your carpeted floor.

I was pleasantly surprised this activity appealed to all age groups in my home daycare. The children decorated the tree and snowman and then got creative and made some silly designs with the ornaments.


I decided to make the felt tree activity part of our learning circle time today. We dressed the snowman using vocabulary words in French and practiced our French colur words with the tree decorations.

I created sequencing patterns with the tree decorations that the children finished. The children estimated how tall they were compared to the tree .


We ended circle time with a little action song.

I’m a Christmas Tree  (tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a great big Christmas tree, tall and straight.

Here are my branches for you to decorate.

First we’ll put the star up on the top,

But be careful the ornaments don’t drop!


Happy felt tree decorating everyone!