Christmas Tree Paper Plate Craft

christmas tree craft

I saw this Christmas tree craft on Pinterest and thought my daycare children would love to make one.  Our youngest group member was super keen to make a tree so I modified the original craft by Rachel at I heart Crafty Things to make it easier for him.

First each child painted a paper plate with green paint and we set them aside to dry. Then the child (with my help) cut the plate into three sections. O.K, here we have four sections, we made a mistake so I just threw out the extra tiny piece.

IMG_1038-resizedI stapled the three pieces together once the child stacked them from biggest to smallest.  Our cookie cutter worked well as a stencil to make a foam star for the top of the tree.


We had no brown paper so the kids used crayons and coloured a brown rectangle shaped trunk for the tree. This turned into a great lesson on colours and shapes for our little ones.

IMG_1045-resizedI had some foam shapes and glossy gems that I offered the children to glue on as ornaments. My son received an elaborate bow on his birthday gift a few months ago.  I saved it in our craft bin and took it apart to use as garland.  The kids were very happy with their finished products.


Happy Tree Decorating!

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