Circle Time Game -Doggie Doggie

doggie doggie video

Are you looking for a quick, simple game to play with your daycare group? I love games that require no prep, few materials and can last for two minutes or extend to 20 minutes if necessary.  Five year old children are the target audience for this game but you can simplify it for younger kids.

I’m not sure where this game originally came from but I’ve been playing it with kids for 15 years so it’s probably not exactly the same as the original. Watch the video to learn the rules and hear the song that goes with the game.

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The words to the song are;


Doggie Doggie who has your bone?

Somebody took it from your home.

Guess who? Maybe you,

Come out, come out Doggie!


Enjoy the laughter and smiles that go hand-in-hand with this guessing game.




  1. Ha, this looks fun. I think my two would enjoy this