DIY Felt Birthday Crowns

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I have two children in my home daycare, a brother and a sister, whose birthdays are only two days apart.  It’s very important to the two-year old that he gets exactly what his big sister receives, therefore I needed a good gift idea that would work for both ages.  I wanted to give them a handmade gift and they both enjoy dressing up, so I decided to try sewing them birthday crowns.

I found this template by Catherine Newman online and used it for the crown shape and the numbers.

You will need:


Crown Template


Embroidery Floss and Embroidery Needle

Elastic Stretch Band

Fine tipped marker



Use your fine tipped marker and trace your crown template onto a piece of felt.  I had white felt that was long enough to trace the full crown.  The white felt will be the inside colour.


My blue felt was not long enough so I had to use two pieces. I want the blue felt to be the outside colour so I will end up sewing them together.


Cut out any numbers, letters or shapes for your crown decorations.


I started by sewing the first half of the blue felt onto the white felt using a blanket stitch (follow link to learn how to do a blanket stitch).


I sewed the bottom edge to the middle and then lay the second half of blue felt onto the white background and kept sewing.


Here are the two pieces of blue felt sewn onto the white felt.  I had to stop twice to get a new length of embroidery thread (I use an arm’s span as a general rule). I used a simple straight stitch to sew up the middle.


I re-cut the red circle of felt to fit the space and then sewed it onto the crown using a straight stitch.


You can see the straight stitch here on the four-year old’s crown because I used white thread on a purple felt circle.  I also used a straight stitch to attach the number onto the felt circle.  I didn’t do this but it would be easier to sew the number to the circle first and then sew the circle onto the crown.


I had a black stretchy headband that my daughter has never worn so I decided to recycle it into the crown’s adjustable back.  It stretches just enough to have the crown slip over the top of the head and sit snugly in place.

Felt itself will stretch with wear but it won’t spring back so I hope this will keep the crown in place long-term. I measured the child’s head using string and then used the string to determine the length of the headband piece I needed.


I sewed a star on either side of the crown using a straight stitch.


Two birthday crowns ready to be given as gifts!


These were fun to make but they did take some time.  You could reduce your sewing time significantly by only using one colour of felt for the crown instead of having an inside colour and an outside colour.  Just make sure you choose a thick durable felt at the craft store that is about length of your child’s head.

Happy sewing and may your daycare children wear their birthday crowns with pride.

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