DIY-Felted Bee for a Summer Nature Table

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The children have been watching the flowers blooming outside in our garden.  As the children help me weed and water the flowers, they have noticed the insects that live in the flower beds.

There has been lots of discussion and observation about the bugs and beetles we see.  However, two children in my care are fearful of bees.  A buzzing bee flying near the flowers can be quite distressing to them.

I decided to needle felt a bee and a flower for our summer nature table this month.  Oral storytelling can be very therapeutic for young children.  I told a story about a little boy and girl who were afraid of bees. A flower petal fairy helped them understand bee behaviour and see these helpful insects in a new light.


If you are new to needle felting please take a look at this video link to learn the technique. I looked online for some bee inspiration and came across a cute image.  I tracked down the artist, her name is Camila.  She has a beautiful Etsy shop with lovely needle felted items. This was my first needle felted bumble bee. Here is how I made this little cutie.

I rolled some white wool into an egg shape for the body and felted it.


Then I wrapped a golden yellow wool around the body shape and felted it until the wool was secure.


I chose a small, thin section of wool to make a hand. Start with a small piece and roll it into a fat sausage shape. Sculpt the sausage shape by felting around all the edges.  Keep felting until you reach the size of hand you need.


I made anther hand and also a head for my bee.


Attach the head to the body by felting it on.  The more you poke the needle into the wool the more secure it will become.


Next, I twirled thin pieces of black wool between my fingertips to form stripes. These were then felted onto the body.


The next step was to felt on his hands.  I added black wool over the back of his head to form a cap.  Once the black wool was felted on, I made two little black antenna.  I shaped them into triangle pieces and twirled the tips to make them appear pointy.  These were then felted onto the black cap.


A bee needs wings!   I used white wool and twisted it into a figure eight pattern. I lightly felted the center of the figure eight and then felted the wings onto the bee’s back.


I used regular thread and felted it into the center of the bee’s wings.  This little guy will be ‘flying’ on the nature table.


Here he is finished!


But then, I decided he needed a needle felted flower to buzz around. I made big loops with the purple wool and felted them together in the center of the flower. I rolled some white wool into a ball and felted it into the center.


The stem is a pipe cleaner doubled up and wound with green wool. I felted the top of the wool onto the back of the purple flower.


A leaf was added to the stem and my bee had himself a flower!


Our nature table reflects the outside environment and I always try to have a living element to it.  I picked some flowers from our garden and put them in a vase on the nature table. The bee’s thread is tied to a stick that is secured above the nature table.


Here is a cute finger rhyme my daycare children adore.


Here is the beehive, (hold up closed fist)

but where are the bees? (shrug shoulders)

They’re hiding inside, (cover hands over eyes)

where nobody sees. (shake head)

Soon they’ll come out of their hive, (hold up closed fist)

one, two, three, four, five. (uncurl fingers one at a time)

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz! (pretend fingers are bees and buzz to tickle child behind the ears)

Have a Bee-utiful summer everyone!


  1. Oh, it’s just adorable!!! I made a (not nearly as adorable) felted bee last year, almost by accident, I didn’t know how to needle felt at the time, so I tried my luck with the washing machine method and fortunately, it turned out just fine, but I might have to try your version now that I’m up to speed on needle felting!

  2. How fantastic, and what a great way to learn about nature. I have not done much felt craft before but may give it a go. Thanks so much for sharing with the Pin It Party. I have pinned and shared 🙂

  3. These look great – makes me want to try felting. I can imagine my kids would love playing with these.

    Thanks for sharing on the Monday Pin It Party.

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