DIY Super Hero Mask

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I love making handmade birthday gifts for my daycare children.  Do you have a super hero fan at your home daycare?

I have one that loves to run as fast as he can! Here is how I made a simple felt mask that could be adapted to transform a child into whatever their imagination desires.



Craft Felt

Embroidery Floss (thick thread)

Embroidery Hand Needle


I didn’t want the birthday boy to know that I was making him a mask so I used my son (who is about the same size) as my head model.

I folded the felt in half and cut out the general shape so both sides would be identical.  I held it up to my son’s face and realized bigger eye holes would be helpful.

Felt is very easy to cut so you can adjust your design to fit the face of your recipient.


I cut out a letter “T” (the first letter of his name) and a lightening bolt from different colours of felt.

Embroidery floss and a basic stitch worked well to sew the felt shapes onto the mask.  I used a blanket stitch (explained here) all around the outside of the mask to create a border.


The last step was to sew on the elastic to hold the mask firmly in place.  I didn’t have any specialty soft elastic that is used in clothes so I just used a regular elastic band from my kitchen junk drawer.

I cut it and sewed each end onto the mask.


In case you want to make your own super hero mask I traced this one to give you a rough pattern.

You really need to adjust the size to fit the child’s head but this will get you started.

mask dimensions.jpg

The mask measures 10 cm from the corner of one eye to the back where the elastic is sewed on (same for the other eye).

2 cm is the width of the space between the eyes.

Each eye hole is 5.5 cm in length and 2 cm in height.

The height of the mask is 7 cm.

I used an elastic that was 14 cm in length.

Ta-da, here is our stuffed lion modelling the finished mask!


A real super hero never reveals their true identity.  However, I’m sure your daycare children feel the presence of a super hero in their midst everyday.

To all the super child care providers out there changing the world through acts of kindness towards their little ones.


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