Draw and Tell Stories (Robot and Sailboat)

Do your daycare children love Draw and Tell Stories? The majority of children aged 2-7 years old love these types of oral stories because as the adult tells the story, they also slowly draw a simple picture. When the story is finished, the picture is complete and the children delight in seeing how the drawing depicts the conclusion of the story. I will show you in the video how easy it is to include one of these Draw and Tell stories into your next circle time. 

I explain in the videos where and why I use both of these particular stories.  The first one is called, “Building a Bot.” It is by Linda Meuse at Notes from the Story Room.

The second video is called, “Sailboat” and it is one I made up myself.  I never tell the stories exactly the same every time but instead improvise and use whatever words come to mind that day.  However, I wrote out the general story line for Sailboat that go with the lines of the drawing for those of you who want to use it in your own home daycare.

 The Robot- Building a Bot

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Please visit Notes from the Story Room for Linda’s story outline and drawing.


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Johnny had been waiting all winter for the snow to melt (1). He was very excited because when he went out on his back deck he could see it was springtime and that meant that summer was just around the corner (2). One day Johnny was out on his back deck looking at the tall trees (3) and feeling the warmth of the sun shining down on him (4). He heard something from his neighbour’s house beside him. He looked way up in his neighbour’s tree and saw a bird (5). Johnny watched the bird fly down onto the ground and peck around.  It pulled a worm out of the ground (6).  With the worm, it flew back up into the tree (7). There was a nest in the tree and the bird was feeding it’s babies. This bird flew back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, feeding it’s babies again and again (8). Johnny was happy because the warm sun and the birds in the trees were signs that summer was close by and that meant he would get to go out with his family soon and enjoy their ………Sailboat!

Stay tuned next week for two more Draw and Tell Story Videos. Happy Storytelling Everyone!


  1. Thanks for the information. I love how you play this game with your daycare students. I want to make sure that my children are involved in games like this to keep them entertained while they’re in daycare. Do you have any other tips for games kids should play in daycare?

    • HowToDaycare says

      Watch for my next video of two more Draw and Tell stories next week and I will do another video this month of a simple game my daycare children really enjoy playing called, “Doggie, Doggie”. I have found the classic games of “I Spy” and “Simon Says” and “Follow the Leader” are great for teaching young children the dynamics of how games work. Once they understand about turn taking and game rules, then they are ready for more complex educational games when they are a bit older.

  2. what a super idea, i love this. Will definitely have to try it.

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