Easter Egg Tree- Waldorf Nature Table

Easter Egg Nature Table

Our nature table has changed its colours to reflect the signs of Spring.  Knitted chicks peek out of felted eggs and a bunny waits quietly under a tree.  We took a nature walk to find a branch for our spring nature table a week ago.  The children helped me fill a vase with stones to secure the branch.

Every year we dye Easter eggs.  The younger children dye hard boiled eggs that end up nested in a basket on our kitchen table.  The older children help me blow eggs and then dye these delicate creations. Once they have dried we hang the blown eggs on our Easter egg tree.

Blown eggs will keep for many years as long as they have been rinsed well.  Here is the book where I first read about blown Easter Eggs (The Easter Book).  It’s from the Golden Book series that has been around for ages.  The technique is also covered in the Waldorf book, All Year Round .


If you decide to try blowing eggs make sure to take the eggs out of the fridge beforehand and let them warm to room temperature. The yolk won’t drain out easily if they are cold.

Felting Easter eggs is a great activity for all ages.  It’s easy (even for a two year old) and the finished product is very satisfying.  You don’t have to put a chick inside your felted egg.  You could hide some treats or leave it empty.  Check out my post on Felted Easter Eggs for instructions to make your own.

Easter Nature Table

Spring time is about new beginnings and new life.  I like to make up a short story about a chick working hard to peck its way out of it’s shell and into the wonderful world.  The children enjoy acting out the story afterwards.  I cover them with a cloth or playsilk.  It’s fun to play a drum to give them a musical beat as they pretend to peck their way out of their shells.  I start out softly and then increase the volume and tempo.


I would love to hear about what you put on your Easter Nature Table.  Please share descriptions and links to photos so that we can inspire each other!






  1. Going to try blowing eggs this week! Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!