Easy Cardboard Tube Maze -Provides Hours of Fun!

Will you have empty wrapping paper tubes in your house soon? Wrapping paper tubes can be transformed into many different toys and endless hours of fun.

Save them!  They will provide many creative activities for your daycare children.

Do you have children who LOVE mazes in your home daycare? I made this cardboard tube maze in a few minutes and it was well received.

Cardboard Maze

1. Gather several empty cardboard tubes.

2. Cut the cardboard tubes in half so they don’t roll around when placed on the floor.

3. Include a variety of lengths.

4. Organize the lengths into a simple maze with a clear start and finish.


I made a maze and showed it to my son. Just for fun, I made up a little story about a race car with a flat tire.

Then I asked him if he would like to rescue the race car with his tow truck.

That was all he needed to enter into an imaginary maze game that lasted for days.

At first I rearranged the tubes into new maze patterns for him because he wanted to save the race car again and again. After he watched me manipulate the tubes into new patterns, he made up his own maze to solve.

The next day when his daycare friends arrived at our house they played with the maze tubes again. They added trees and buildings from our train set to make the maze into a pretend city.

They switched up the maze patterns multiple times and built streets and walls. Who knew simple cardboard tubes could do so much?!


Want another free fun idea? Check out our DIY Ball Run using a big piece of recycled cardboard.



Leave a comment below and share how you reuse materials at your house. Let’s make running a home daycare easier by sharing great ideas!


  1. What a brilliant idea! Why not use old wrapping paper rolls not as dangerous swords, as they usually are used, but has a maze! Thanks for posting this idea!