Easy Halloween Spider Craft

Let’s make a spider’s web for Halloween.  My daycare children enjoyed lacing the web together.  Lacing is a fun activity to practice hand/eye coordination and it helps to develop the finger muscles for printing.  You can use this craft to learn about science (spiders), math (measuring, counting), language (diagonal lines), and art (creating a model).  The children learn so much whenever we provide craft materials for them to explore.

Gather your materials

Flip the paper plate over so the bottom is facing up.

Cut the middle out of the paper plate.

Decorate your spider web frame with crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, etc.

Punch holes around the edge of the paper plate.

Cut a long length of string (approximately the span of the child’s arms).

Wrap a piece of tape around the end of the string to create a firm end for lacing.

 Tie the string around one hole and lace across the paper plate.

Keep lacing across the plate until a spider web is created.  Tie a knot to secure the end of the string to the plate.

Your spider web is finished.  Now get two pipe cleaners to make a spider.

Cut one of the pipe cleaners into eight equal pieces for the spider’s legs.

Wind the long pipe cleaner up in a spiral motion to create a spider’s head.

Wind the pipe cleaner up from the other end to create a body.

Now you have the body and head of the spider.

Bend the legs onto the outer edge of the pipe cleaner body.

Attach your spider onto your web by bending the legs around the string.  You now have a great Halloween decoration. We attached a string and hung the spider’s web in our window.  Happy halloween everyone!