Easy Handmade Sewing Gift -Toy Candy Shop


In our fast paced world it’s touching to receive a handmade gift for our child.  Maybe you would like to make a gift for your daycare children for the upcoming holiday season. You could make just one lollipop or a whole basket of candy. Making a gift for a child is rewarding for us as adults and for our daycare parents who appreciate the time and effort that went into the gift.

A good friend of ours turned four years old last week and wants to own a candy shop when she grows up.  We decided to make her some pretend candy so she could play candy shop at home.  This themed gift would probably work for many young children. I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t enjoy a lollipop!




Embroidery Thread


Popsicle Sticks

We made lollipops, wrapped candy and a pack of gum.  Here are the directions on how to sew each one.  If you have a child helping you with this project, I would suggest they make a lollipop because it is very straightforward to complete.



Trace two circles (we used a small can as our tracer) onto a piece of felt.


Cut them out.


Sew together using your stitch of choice.  I used a blanket stitch.  I show how to perform a blanket stitch in my post Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Necklace.


My son (age 3-blue) and daughter (age 6-red) choose their own style of stitches.


Stuff with stuffing before you sew around the whole circle.


Add a little glue on the end of your popsicle stick when you place it in your felt circle.


Sew your lollipop closed and try to make your stitches very tight beside the popsicle stick to keep it in place.


Tie a knot to secure the end of the string.  I crossed on the inside of the felt circle and tied my knot half way up the edge away from the popsicle stick to prevent an obvious knot there.

 Wrapped Candy

Cut out a rectangle from your piece of felt.  You can decide what size is best for your project.


Fold the rectangle lengthwise and sew up the middle section.


Gather the end together and sew a running stitch (in and out) around the felt horizontally.


 Pull the thread tight to cinch the felt together. Sew a few more stitches to secure the cinch. Add stuffing to the middle section.


Sew around the felt using another running stitch and cinch the bottom end closed.


Secure the cinched felt with a few extra stitches.  I sewed through the whole gathered section to secure it.


Ta da!!!!  One yummy wrapped piece of candy.


Pack of Gum

Cut out two rectangles from felt.  Cut out your letters.  Sew your letters onto one piece of felt.  I used a straight up and down stitch.


Sew the two rectangles together using your stitch of choice.  I used a blanket stitch here.  Remember to stuff it when you get to the last section.  Sew closed and you are finished.


Fantastic, you have a nice little collection of pretend candy.  I’d love to hear what you made for your candy collection!


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