Father’s Day Gift Idea

 father's day gift idea2.jpg

Here’s a quick Father’s Day gift idea for you today.  Last year I took a picture of each of my daycare children wearing men’s shoes. In the photo they held up a sign saying, “I love you Daddy.”  The preschoolers and school age kids drew their own signs but I made a simple one for the younger kids to hold up.

I printed the photos with a caption that read, “Someday I hope to fill your shoes, Daddy!” and we made basic picture frames out of a piece of thick brown cardboard.  I bought a small pack of nuts and bolts from the dollar store and had the children glue them onto the cardboard frame.  The washers stuck the best just using white glue but I had to go back and use a hot glue gun to re-stick some of the heavier bolts before we wrapped up the gifts.

It was easy to get great pictures of the kids with big smiles because they thought standing in the big shoes was very funny.

One of the perks of this job is watching the children hard at work as they draw and colour cards for their fathers.  I never get bored listening to them describe their pictures and elaborate drawings.  Seeing a child drawing a picture of their family in stick figure form is timeless.

Enjoy your crafting!