Father’s Day Gifts -Trail Mix Poem and Daddy Questionnaire

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Need an easy Father’s Day gift idea for your daycare children to make this week? Here is what my group is doing this year for their fathers.  First, I found this adorable Daddy Questionnaire on Pinterest.  I printed a copy off for each child. You can find other great Father’s Day gift ideas by checking out my two Father’s Day boards on Pinterest.  I’ve collected 43 neat Father’s Day Craft ideas to help you get inspired!


I cut out the questionnaires and glued them onto coloured construction paper.


The children decorated the questionnaires by drawing, stamping and adding stickers. While they worked, I went through the questionnaire with each child and recorded their answers for them.  Listening to their answers was PRICELESS!  I especially loved the last question, “I love my Dad because …………”  It was wonderful to hear the children express their thoughts and feelings about their fathers. Each child signed their name and they were finished.


In the afternoon we made trail mix for our fathers. This idea was also found on Pinterest.  I changed the trail mix ingredients a bit and typed up my own trail mix explanation sheet.  Here is what it says;


I made this trail mix for you for Father’s Day. Each food was picked because of something special about you.

There are:

Raisins– because you are “rais’in” me.

Popcorn- because you’re my “Pop.”

Smarties- because you are so smart!

Peanuts- because I’m your little “peanut.”

Animal Crackers- because you love me even when I’m being “wild.”

Chocolate Chips- because I’m a “chip off the old block.”

Goldfish- because you have a heart of “gold.”

Pretzels- because you see me through life’s twists and turns.

I hope you enjoy this sweet treat because I think you are the sweetest Daddy in the whole world.

I love you!    (child signed their name)


The children had a chance to spoon layers of treats into glass jars.  They put a lot of thought into how much of each treat to add and in what order.


We added a bow to make it look fancy.


The children are quite excited to give this gift to their Daddys as they want to help out with the eating part!  🙂

Happy Father’s Day Everyone.






  1. Hi This may sound weird but i do i print of these paper? I would love to do this for fathers day this year.

    • HowToDaycare says

      Follow the Pinterest links to the original sites so that you could get the original printable. One site didn’t have a printable option so I just typed it out old school style 😉

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