Five Healthy Lunch Ideas-Tortilla Wrap Favourites


Lunch Time, it happens everyday and sometimes I’m ready for it and other days I scramble around at 11:58am to put something on the table for noon. I serve lunch to my daycare children who range in age from 2 years old to 7 years old.

The group includes a wide range of eating styles.  Some are picky about flavour, some a choosy with texture and others will eat just about anything.

I also have to serve myself and I prefer to eat with the children to model good habits and share conversation as we eat. Every child I have ever served lunch to has liked a soft tortilla wrap.

I started my children on white flour tortilla wraps and gradually switched to whole wheat and then to whole grain with flax seed wraps.

I buy the smaller size ones, roll it up and then cut it in half. I cut up a few carrots, cucumber and sweet pepper slices and ta-da- lunch is served.

Here are the children’s top five favourite soft tortilla wrap lunches that they always ask for seconds.


#1  Navy Bean Wrap

I soak the bean overnight, cook them and then mash them. When you first try out this lunch, I would recommend just opening up a can of plain navy beans and rinsing well.  My kids also like black beans, chick peas, and kidney beans.

Mash up the beans with a fork or throw them in a blender.  If your child rejects the texture of the beans try blending them until they are smooth.

I’ve used a Ninja Blender for years and it works well to create a creamy texture for my picky eater kids.

Add cream cheese and shredded cheese to the beans before you spread them on the tortilla.  The cheese helps introduce the bean taste to picky eaters.

I’ve also added puree squash or sweet potato to the mixture to sweeten it up for those picky eaters at the beginning. Some children like to dip the wrap in salsa while others enjoy it plain.


#2  Avocado Wrap

Cut open a ripe avocado (squeeze it to make sure it is a bit soft) and scoop out the flesh.  Mash it with a fork.

Spread it on a tortilla wrap and roll it up. You can get fancy by adding salt and pepper, a drop of lemon and some shredded cheese if you want.  My children love it plain.


#3 Almond Butter Wrap

We like almond butter but any nut butter (like peanut butter) would work well.  This is my all time last minute lunch solution.

Spread almond butter on a wrap, roll it up, done.  My daycare children would eat this wrap everyday, if I let them.


#4 Quinoa Wrap

This one is a bit trickier because it’s not sticky so the quinoa will slide out.  I do love to serve quinoa to the kids so I add in some cream cheese or shredded cheese to create a sticky mixture.

I fold this wrap up fajita style so the quinoa doesn’t fall out the bottom. Some of my children enjoy this wrap with thin slices of zucchini, little bits of celery and some salsa while others like it with only quinoa and cheese.


#5 Hummus Wrap

This is a favourite on the go lunch wrap.  I don’t like to bring almond butter wraps if we are getting together with other children because of nut allergies.

Hummus wraps are fast to prepare and travel well. We always have a tub of hummus in the fridge but you could also make your own.

I just spread the hummus on the wrap and roll it up.  The vast majority of children I have cared for enjoy the taste of regular garlic hummus.


What are your children’s lunch time favourites?  Please share it in the comments box.


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  1. I honestly never thought to put mashed beans in a wrap, which is weird because we have burritos all the time. We just always use refried beans, but I’ll definitely be trying out some mashed beans soon. I can’t wait to try some of these other wraps too!

  2. I am homeschooling who operates a home day care. Thank you for posting your ideas.I’m so thankful to see another provider and homeschooling mom just like me. I’m glad I found you 🙂 keep up the good work!


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