Five Toys With Top-Notch Play Value for 2 and 3 Year Olds



Home daycare providers need high quality toys that are going to appeal to a wide range of ages and personality types. Toys that are solid and will stand up to repeated play without breaking or wearing out.

We need toys that are versatile and can be used for a variety of games. What are the toys that children go back to day after day after day? The toys that never get boring but instead inspire the children to create a new game today.


Here are five toy suggestions that are worth your attention and investment.

1. Pretend Kitchen Toys:

Melissa and Doug Wooden Magnetic Kitchen Bottle Collection    


These bottles are a favourite with all the children that come into my daycare and home. They fascinate toddlers who repeatedly take off the caps and put them back on.

Older children cook elaborate imaginary food and use these bottles as essential ingredients. They are also used in pretend play as gasoline for cars, body wash for baths and sunscreen for trips to the beach.

If you can’t find these bottles where you live here is a similar set from Melissa and Doug.

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set


Out of all the pretend food we have in our play kitchen these cookies have stood the test of time. The children constantly reach for them and they love the tray and oven mitt that comes in the set.

2. Wooden Train Set


We have a Brio wooden Train set and a Thomas the Train wooden set. They are both fantastic and can be used together.

I would suggest buying a basic set in your price range and then gradually add on track and pieces as you can. This toy provides boys and girls with endless hours of play.

3. Play Silks


Sarah’s Play Silks are excellent quality and they look and feel magical. Play silks are very versatile.

They can be used to build tents, worn as capes, wrap dolls in, used for puppet plays or laid out flat as the landscape for small toys.

Sarah’s Silks come with instructions on the packaging that explains a variety of ways to tie and use the silks.

Fortunately, once children are given a few ideas, they will find creative ways to transform the silks into whatever type of accessory they need for their games. These silks are a must have item for any home child care.

4. Ride-on and Plasma Cars


I love Cozy Coupes and so does every child I know. I own three of them to reduce conflict because this toy is such a coveted item during outside play. Well worth the investment!

Plasma Cars for children 3-10 years old. When ours was new with clean wheels the kids used it inside the house and it works well on the hard wood floors and tile. It is a bit big for indoor use but the children loved to roll around on it all day long. It is now an outside toy for the driveway.


We had an indoor wooden wheely ride-on toy for years. It was a popular item and the perfect toy for kids who crave constant motion.

5. Stepping Stones


These are a little expensive but I can tell you from personal experience they are fantastic. There are other brands on the market that are the same idea.

I love stepping stones because young children can be very active with them indoors. They love to line them up, jump off them, turn them upside down, stack them or create a whole obstacle course.

They intrigue all ages. Children in different stages of development use them in different ways. They are a wonderful balancing toy.


Enjoy the fun and laughter that comes with good quality toys.




  1. I just ran across your site, can you tell me where you can buy the stepping stones? I have found different ones but not the ones you show.
    Thanks, love your site.

    • HowToDaycare says

      Hi Tracy,
      They are called Rainbow River Stones by Weplay. Here is a link that will take you to Amazon. Once there you can read the full detailed description of the stepping stones and buy them online if no toy stores in your area carry this product. Good luck!