Preschool Letter of the Week Program – Free

Letter of the Week Program

Do you have preschoolers in your home daycare this year?  Are you wondering how to include some letter learning into your busy day?

Would you like a program that is easy to implement and uses items found around the house?  One that doesn’t require a lot of preparation in the evening?  One that includes activities, crafts, stories, games and additional idea links for each letter?  One that you can use with a range of ages in your home daycare?

A program that is free?  I HAVE ONE FOR YOU!

It’s my letter of the week program that I put together a few years ago for my daycare group. Each week we focused on a different letter of the alphabet and I blogged about each activity we completed.

Letter A.jpg

We had lots of fun learning a new letter each week and the children learned their letter names and sounds. The activities vary to include musical components, artistic expression, social interaction, outdoor adventures, kinaesthetic activities, small motor practice, story telling associations and silly fun with toys!

I wanted the children to link fun experiences with each letter of the alphabet.  Children naturally remember activities and events when they are fun.


Use an umbrella toothpick to poke holes in the shape of letter U.


Stomp out a letter S in the snow on a cold, winter day.


Laugh and giggle as they realize the letter P is just like the word pee.

Each week I saved the letter craft the kids made.  At the end of the program we bound all 26 letter crafts so each child had their own letter book to bring home.


Here are the program links for you:

Introduction to the Program

Letter A Week

Letter B Week

Letter C Week

Letter D Week

Letter E Week (part 1)  (part 2)

Letter F Week

Letter G Week

Letter H Week

Letter I Week

Letter J Week

Letter K Week

Letter L Week

Letter M Week

Letter N Week

Letter O Week

Letter P Week

Letter Q Week

Letter R Week

Letter S Week

Letter T Week

Letter U Week

Letter V Week

Letter W Week

Letter X Week

Letter Y Week

Letter Z Week

Completed Alphabet Book


Happy Letter Learning Everyone!


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