‘French Sing and Learn’ -Book Review

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My home daycare children and I had the privilege of trying out a fantastic French curriculum book geared for young children.  It’s called, “French Sing and Learn” by Leanne Seel. I’m always on the look out for great resources to use with my home daycare children. Introducing children to a second language while they are young is a wonderful way to expand their minds and make learning a new language easier.

Leanne is clever in the way she delivers this French language program.  It’s done through learning traditional French songs. Most children feel less inhibited speaking a new language if it is done through singing.

‘French Sing and Learn’ is a 45 page book in pdf format.  There are ten songs in the book and it includes student worksheets and background teaching information about each song.  The book costs $2.99.  You can check it out through this link.

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My knowledge of French is not very extensive so I really enjoyed having the English and French lyrics side by side for each song.  I could easily answer the children’s questions about each word and explain the story behind the lyrics. Leanne includes video links for each song so that you can listen to the proper pronunciation and become familiar with the tune of the song.

I find it difficult to find good French resources for little children who need the vocabulary slowed way down.  The teaching style of this book worked really well for us because I could introduce the song (using the background information in the book) and then we could watch and listen to the song together.  I was then able to slowly teach the children the lyrics until they felt comfortable singing the whole song.  Only when they felt confidant, did we then go back to the video and sing along at normal speed.

The first song in the book is Frére Jacques and there is a link to the sheet music if you play the piano.  I don’t play the piano but it was easy enough to learn after a few YouTube videos.  The children loved singing along with me as I plunked away.  It was great because my playing and their singing was at the same speed!

I would recommend this great French resource as a fun way to introduce some second language learning into your home daycare environment. It’s great when a book does everything for you and all you have to do is open it up to the first page!

Au revoir everyone and happy singing!

French Sing and Learn by Leanne Seel- $2.99


  1. Hannah Johansson says

    Great! I love researching on new learning techniques and I feel so excited when I come across any new idea. This idea is quite impressive and can be employed in day care centers as a part of the teaching process!