A Full Daycare EVERY Day! Even When A Child is at Home Sick or Away on Vacation!

One of the biggest challenges of being a home daycare provider is our fluctuating salary. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to rely on a regular pay check amount every month?

Many providers have an enrolment policy that states the parents only pay for the days when their child is in care. If the child is ill or absent then the family does not pay for those days.

A nasty cold and cough has been making the rounds within your home childcare. Owen was sick at home three days last week and Ava is home sick again today.

How will you ever have enough at the end of the month to replace the dishwasher? The dishwasher admitted final defeat last Tuesday and you need a new one fast. The daily daycare dish pile is huge.

Where will you find the extra energy to tackle all those dishes after a busy day with the children?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your daycare clients paid by enrolment instead of attendance? Some parents don’t believe it’s fair they have to pay for an empty spot on sick days. What if you could offer them a partial rebate on those sick days?

A partial sick day rebate would help you attract MORE clients and keep your existing clients happy. It would encourage parents to keep their children at home when they are sick, which helps keep your whole daycare germ free.

Photo by Kourtlyn Lott

I want to share a new app I heard about with all of you. I believe it will make our lives easier as home daycare providers.

The app is called Hopping In. It will manage your daycare availability spots for you. If a full time client knows they will be absent one day, you can sell the spot to one of your part-time clients. The full time client gets a partial rebate, the part-time client is happy with their extra day of childcare and YOU get paid for an extra day!

If you have excess spots, you can offer them to your existing part-time clients who are interested in picking up additional days. Hopping In makes booking the spots easy for your daycare parents.

Hopping In sponsored this post. I only recommend products that I believe would bring significant value to my fellow home daycare providers. This new app is worth checking out.

I encourage you to watch the Hopping In video.  The video explains the app’s features, how daycare clients can book spots on demand and how you can maximize revenue for your open spots. It’s a win-win situation for everyone with no added work for you.

I hope the Hopping In App brings you happier clients and more revenue in your pocket.

Now if only I could discover a dishwasher that magically returns the clean dishes into the cupboards by itself! That would be fantastic!



  1. What a very convenient and useful app. Partial rebate is an awesome idea and it addresses the health and safety concern very effectively. Thanks for this.

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