Fun & Healthy Christmas Lunch for Kids

 healthy fun christmas lunch.jpg

The children enjoy having a special lunch on our last day together before the holidays.  I like making a little picture with their food on their plates or using cookie cutters to make their sandwich special.  This year I found the candy cane idea and the broccoli tree on Pinterest.  The kids liked the strawberries and banana slices arranged as a candy cane shape the best.  I made two for each child.


Then I made each child a whole wheat tortilla sandwich with hummus inside.  I used my Christmas tree cookie cutter to make it more festive.


Our veggies are arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree with ornaments! Did anyone eat the broccoli? No! 🙂  They all wanted the cheese star, carrot garland and cracker tree trunk.  But it did motivate three of them to give raw broccoli another try. Small steps, right?


All of these ideas were very easy to make and didn’t take long to create.  The extra few minutes it took to prepare lunch was worth the radiant smiles I received when I put the food on the table. I wish you a festive meal surrounded by bright young faces.   Happy Holidays.

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