Gluten Free Oat Bars (nut free option as well)

gluten free oat bars

A friend of ours who is gluten free introduced us to these delicious bars and we love them! They are healthy, filling and can be nut free if you have allergies in your daycare group. I like them because they are easy and super quick to make.


If I have children ‘helping’ me bake then I like to gather all the ingredients out on the counter beforehand.  This makes it easier for me to keep the baking running smoothly and manage a few helpers at a time.


Baking is more fun if you get to wear cute aprons, right? Often there are more small eager hands than there are jobs to do. It helps to pair the kids up and have one child hold a bowl and the other use a spatula to scoop ingredients.


This recipe is great because you really only need one bowl (fast clean up!). However, I find giving the younger kids their own big bowl and two dry ingredients (baking soda and oats) to mix together keeps them occupied and happy. Anything that is safe to stir for 15 minutes works well for the toddlers!

sniffingSmelling each ingredient is also a common activity in our baking adventures.

bakingThe kids like to slowly sprinkle chocolate chips into the batter.  Each child in my group loves to stir. This is what I do to draw out the process so they each get a turn to stir and add ingredients.


This recipe was given to me through Pinterest however the original creator is Monique from Ambitious Kitchen.  I chose to omit the chocolate drizzle on top and only used a handful of chocolate chips.  One day I made them with raisins instead of the chocolate chips and they were great! You could also add pumpkin seeds and other dried fruit.  They are quite sweet already because of the bananas and agave nectar.

Here is a link to Monique’s site for the original recipe:

Healthy Banana Bread Chocolate Chip  Oat Breakfast Bars

Try them with your daycare kids, they are delicious!

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