Grow your Own Sprouts- Very Easy and Fun for Kids

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I’m new to sprouting seeds but it’s something I’ve been meaning to try for a while now.  Being a daycare provider can make for long days and I wasn’t sure I had the time or energy to grow my own sprouts.  Once I found out how EASY it was, I got the children on board and we grew our own sprouts in 4 days!  My plan was to blend the sprouts in a smoothie but the children surprised me and they ate them in an avocado sandwich.  Who would have guessed?!

I suppose being involved in the growing process really does encourage children to try new vegetables.  We started with alfalfa seeds because they have a nice mild taste.  I bought my packet of alfalfa seeds at our local health food store.


The back of the package will tell you how many tablespoons of seeds to put into your container depending on the container size.  I will be using a mason jar so I used about a tablespoon and a half.  The first step is to rinse the seeds.


Put them into your container and fill it up with some filtered water.  Make sure the seeds are completed covered.



You can buy fancy sprouting containers but I just used a piece of cheesecloth and an elastic for the lid.


The jar covering has to be able to allow water to flow in and out each day.  Let the seeds soak for 6-8 hours.  I left them overnight.


In the morning they were ready to be drained.


Drain the water out of the jar through the cheesecloth.


Pour new filtered water into the jar until it covers the seeds.  Swirl the water around the jar so the seeds get a good rinse.  Drain all the water out.


Now that your seeds have had a nice rinse they are ready to sit for 12 hours.  Find a bowl or container you can prop the jar at a slant so any excess water can eventually drain out of the jar through the cheesecloth.  I give the seeds a little shake in the jar so they are somewhat evenly distributed (stuck) onto all of the jar’s inside walls and not clogging the opening on the cheese cloth.  I set my jar on my kitchen counter out of direct sunlight.

12 hours later, pour filtered water into the jar.  I fill the jar to about half.  Swirl and shake the jar so that all the seeds stuck on the sides of the glass fall into the water and get a good rinse.


Dump out the water and prop your jar in your bowl for another 12 hours.

In the morning, you will see the seeds beginning to sprout. The kids loved this part!  Rinse the seeds, drain the water and prop them in your bowl for another 12 hours.


Ohhhhhhhhhh, more sprouting!


12 hours later rinse and repeat.


Wow, they are really starting to sprout!  Rinse and repeat every 12 hours.


The sprouts are filling up the jar!  Rinse and repeat.


If you rinsed and drained your seeds every 12 hours for three days on day four when you come to see them in the morning they will look like this.


You can tell they are ready to harvest because they have turned green.


Spread the seeds out on a cloth and let them air dry for 1o-15 minutes.


Put them in a bag and they will keep for several days in your fridge.


My kids like them in their green breakfast smoothies or here they are in a green sandwich.  I mash-up avocado, add sliced cucumber and sprouts.


The children loved them!  This sprouting experience was very rewarding for the children because they could help with rinsing and draining the seeds every morning and night.   The kids enjoyed observing the seeds every day to see how they had changed and the whole process only took four days.  Four days from seed to plate is just about perfect when you’re only 4 years old.  🙂

Happy Sprouting!



  1. K from London ON says

    We LOVE love LOVE to germinate! Like you we nibble on alfalfa sprouts….but you can do this with mung beans (small green beans) and get bean sprouts…awesome raw or in a stir fry. Right now we are trying dried green peas. They take a bit longer and you put them in a tray with a bit of soil but everyone loves to break off a bit and snack on it. I bought pea sprouts at the market for $2.50. I’m growing the same amount for about $ .30. Its ridiculous!
    We also do trays of wheat grass (made from wheat berries or kernals)….which doesn’t taste good but i juice it and its awesome for my health. They love to watch the progress everyday. I too highly recommend sprouting to daycares and moms.

    • HowToDaycare says

      Yes, just yesterday I harvested my first crop of mung beans. They were super easy too. I want to try wheat grass but when I researched it I found out you need a juicer as it will clog a blender. Darn, I don’t have one. Thanks for the tip on green peas, I will give them a whirl!

      • K from London ON says

        You can find a hand turning wheat grass juicer on amazon for $40. But! I mean it when I say it tastes bad. If you are contemplating it, go to the mall juice bar and buy a shot of wheat grass. We have trays of it growing but I would much rather take a wheat grass tablet….and I’m a real health food nut, I eat all sorts of green odd tasting things! Lol!

  2. I love this idea! I tried planting flower seeds in the spring with the kids, but it takes so long to see the results, they were over it after a couple days (doesn’t help that the 1yr old and 18month old pretty much didn’t care 😉 Thank you for your blog, and for this post! I am new to daycare, and in trying to get more organized and do more hands on activities, like this. Plus they get to eat them after just a few days! Bonus 🙂

    1) what size mason jar did you use?
    2) I have daycare Monday through Friday, majority of kids are Monday and Tuesday…would you recommend I start this at the beginning of the week, then keep it in the fridge until everyone’s return on Monday? (I’m just thinking its be fun for everyone to help with the process-and then get to enjoy eating it together)


    • HowToDaycare says

      Hi Alison!
      The mason jar I used was about 700ml (it was just an old pasta sauce jar). The seeds sprout quickly, that’s a good idea to start them Monday and then save them to eat like you suggested. You could also start a second batch on Saturday so by Monday they are sprouting and ready to eat Tuesday. It’s so easy, I’d do the two batches so the kids got a chance to witness the beginning of the process and the end.
      Your little kiddos are lucky to have a home daycare provider who searches out fun activities for them. Your dedication shows.
      Have fun! Jana