Handprint Apple Tree Painting

handprint apple tree

The air has turned crisp and that means one thing to my daycare children, APPLE PICKING TIME!  This is a tradition at our house.

Every fall we go apple picking and before our field trip I like to incorporate some apple songs and rhymes into our daily routine.  If I start singing the songs a week or two before our outing then the children will have them memorized for the event.

It’s fun to sing the songs on the car ride to the orchard and while we are picking the apples.

Here is a video link to some apple songs if you are looking to learn a new one.

I would suggest only focusing on one or two songs to make the learning process manageable for the toddler/preschooler age range.

While we are learning our apple songs, the children wanted to do some apple themed crafts.  My little ones enjoy making handprints in paint so I gave them some green paint and a big piece of paper.

If they make handprints in a cluster at the top of the page you can add a brown trunk to the bottom and turn it into a tree.

I showed the children how to dip just one finger into red paint and make some apples in their handprint tree.

If you are looking for other apple themed crafts, stories, activities and baking ideas here is an extensive blog post about our apple adventures in the past few years.

Happy apple painting everyone!