How To Prevent Car Sickness Using Peppermint Essential Oil

car sickness

Do you have a child who suffers from motion sickness? Car sickness can be a real problem for some kids. I’ve had a few children who suffer from it and it can be challenging when you have multiple children in the van. I take my daycare group on many field trips and weekly events so we spend time in my minivan. I’ve tried several different strategies to help the situation such as:

1.-Putting the child’s car seat by a window.

car seat window
2.-Putting a child’s seat in the middle spot so they can look forward out the front window.

3.-Making sure they don’t get too hot (Use a blanket in cool weather instead of a snow suit because it is easy for them to remove).

warm jacket
4.-Avoiding car travel on a full stomach.

5.-Enjoying music and conversation instead of having them read a book or watch a video.

6.-Wear a pressure point motion sickness bracelet.

7.-Carry a spare change of clothes for the child…and myself (I learned this one the hard way. I pulled over and was desperately trying to unbuckle the child quickly, and as I lifted him out of the van, he proceeded to vomit all over my shirt). 🙁

8.-There is motion sickness medication but this isn’t an option for me as the daycare provider.

However, last year I discovered THE ABSOLUTE BEST solution to PREVENT motion sickness. I love it because this solution is soooo super easy and the kids think it’s fun!

All you have to do to get rid of the feeling of nausea is to smell Peppermint Essential Oil. I didn’t believe it at first when my neighbour told me how she managed a long car trip reading to her three kids so I tried it out for myself. And it worked like a charm!

The peppermint essential oil smells like a candy cane so all I do is put a drop on a kleenex and give it to the child to smell. Once I open the bottle of peppermint essential oil the smell quickly permeates the whole van. It’s a smell that makes me feel more alert and focused. The kids say it smells like Christmas time.

I have the child sniff the kleenex until they feel better which normally takes a few minutes and that’s it. Super easy, right?

If you have a child who suffers from motion sickness I invite you to try some peppermint essential oil. Good quality peppermint essential oil is very powerful so all they need to do is smell it. I don’t apply it topically for motion sickness. Pure peppermint essential oil has many uses and should always be mixed with a carrier oil if you are going to use it topically. Avoid contact with your eyes, it will sting.

I’m forever grateful to my neighbour for sharing her car sickness secret with me. It’s been a year now since we’ve been using the peppermint oil and I haven’t had to hose down a car seat once. Yay!

May all your car trips this summer be filled with laughter and maybe the smell of candy canes.

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