Daycare Outdoor Play Space -Top Toy Suggestions!

Young children need outdoor play every day.  They need to run and shout, climb and skip.  They need time to be close to nature.

If children are provided with unstructured outdoor play time every day they will naturally become calmer and more focused.  You will find that many behavior issues will significantly decrease if the children have regular outside play time.

Sleep and eating issues will also lessen with consistent outside play time.  Sensory play (sand and water) is fantastic to decrease children’s frustration levels and generate a sense of peace. It really is an easy fix for many issues AND it is a chance for you, the childcare provider, to sit down and rest while you supervise their play.

If you have a deck or patio, this is a great play to set up your sensory table because clean up will be easier.

Sand and Water Play

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Sensory table filled with rice.

Pirate Ship Water Table



Many of you are fortunate to have an outdoor play space in your front or backyard.  If at all possible, section off the play space with a fence.  This will help you.

Children can’t see boundary lines the way adults can.  They need obvious physical markers to help them stay in the space that you have set up for them.

Plan on setting out pylons or laying down a rope on the grass to make the boundary obvious.

Skipping ropes laid down before the end of the driveway is a good visual reminder if you plan on spending time in the front of your house.

Sidewalk/Driveway Play

Play ideas:

-Drawing with chalk

-Bouncing balls

-Ride-on cars

-Shooting basketballs

-Pulling wagons/sleds


-Playing ball hockey/soccer

Skipping rope

-Playing hopscotch

-Puddle jumping

Doll strollers


Ride-on cars provide endless hours of fun.

If you don’t have access to a backyard then hopefully you are close to a park or green space.  You could bring toys in a wagon or backpack to use at the park.


You will need to look at your backyard space and decide on how much space and money you would like to invest on a play structure.

Swing sets and climbers provide endless play opportunities.

A variety of swings for a mixed age group.

Remember-Climbers need to have soft surfacing under them to protect against falls.


Play Suggestions:

Swing set

-Climber with slide


-Sand box

-Water table



-Hula Hoops


-Baseball bat, ball and mitt

Croquet set (choose a foam set for young kids)

Ring Toss game

-Butterfly net

Teeter totter


-Sports T-ball set

-Toy lawnmowers or wheelbarrows

This lawnmower is constantly in use.

I hope you have lots of ideas to fill your yard with fun toys for your daycare children. Enjoy the play!


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