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How to run a home daycare video course - live

Readers have been emailing me for a few years asking about a “How to Start a Home Daycare” step-by-step book or video. It can be overwhelming opening up your own business and I realized there was a need for it. There are so many different aspects to opening up your own home daycare (your physical environment, the children, the parents, the toys, the contract, the insurance, the food, advertising, etc.) that explaining the whole process would take me weeks and weeks. However, delivering a step-by-step guide through videos would be an easy way for new providers to get information. I made a commitment to myself to find the time to create a video course.

I’m proud to announce that I finished my course this week! My main goal was to explain to you how I put all the pieces together to create a successful daycare. I share some stories about learning lessons the hard way and how to avoid my mistakes. I also share what has saved me countless hours of frustration and what I highly recommend in organization, equipment, routines and advertising. I include downloads to sample documents to give you the resources I use. One document includes a full year plan of monthly themes, songs, field trips and letter activities.

I tried to give you all the secrets I’ve learned while working with young children over the past twenty years. I hope it gives you the knowledge and encouragement you need to go from wanting to open up your own home daycare to watching your first little client walk through your front door. I believe we are making a difference in the lives of future generations. Those precious little souls need us to create nurturing, loving home daycares for them.

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