Kid Favorite -Iced Herbal Fruit Tea

Iced herbal fruit tea

It’s summertime and I need to keep my daycare children hydrated.  My group is delighted when I serve them a fancy, fruity drink on the deck at snack time.

I try my best to limit juice for the kids because of the high sugar content.  One of their favorite alternatives to juice is iced herbal fruit tea.

I buy a variety of all natural organic herbal teas that contain no caffeine.  I like Four O’ Clock Tea because it’s organic and a fair trade company.

My kids enjoy the Pink Lemonade flavour, the Fruit Sangria, the Wild Berries and Orange Sorbet.

There are directions on each box of tea but I tend to steep it in more water so the end result is a weaker tea.  I cut up some fruit and add it to the pitcher of iced tea to make it look more exciting.

I add ice cubes to each child’s glass and a colourful straw.  This combination brings smiles to the children’s faces on a hot summer day.

May all your children cheer for this simple summer drink.


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