Kindercare and Preschool Program Options

Many parents are looking for preschool and kindercare programs when they search for a home daycare.  Kindercare and preschool programs are designed for children between the ages of three years old and six years old.  A quality kindercare program provides many different learning opportunities to young students. Before you begin creating this program you need to consider the learning philosophy behind the program.

There are a multitude of different early learning philosophies. The main belief of each philosophy will shape how the program is structured. There are a wide range of programs in existence and one that will meet almost anyone’s parenting style.

There are one hundred percent outdoor programs where children spend all their time learning and discovering in nature no matter what the season or weather. There are academic programs that teach children to read and write at a very young age. Some programs focus on learning through art or music. Play based programs are designed where all the learning requirements are met through play activities. Theme based programs have children produce projects and portfolios to showcase their learning goals. Still other programs teach their learning objectives through traditional skills such as cooking, gardening, knitting, woodworking and farm chores. Kindercare programs also include learning a second language and some are culturally or religiously based.

No matter what type of kindercare program you choose to provide in your home daycare there is sure to be parents looking for that philosophy type. Another avenue to pursue if you are not sure you want to create a specialized program that supports a specific philosophy is a general kindercare program. A general kindercare program includes a bit of everything. It introduces the children to a bit of music, art, a second language, theme activities, early numbers and letters, and outdoor discovery. This general type of program is very appealing to many parents.

Have fun creating your kindercare program, there is nothing more rewarding than to share a new discovery with a young child. The learning adventure begins!