Kinderloop App Contest Update

I’ve been waiting all weekend for tec support from Rafflecopter (the online contest application).  Once I hear back from them, I will be able to announce the winners.  Sorry for the delay.  I’m having trouble being patience and it made me think of my daycare children.


Sometimes I forget how difficult it is to wait.  Patience is easy when you’re not emotionally involved with the event.  Children get drawn in and emotionally entangled with most events in their lives.  No wonder they struggle with patience.

I think this week I’m going to be more patient when I’m helping the children wait.  When a child is waiting for a toy or a turn with something, I often invite them to work along side of me.  Being with someone, engaging in conversation and helping someone complete a task makes the waiting easier.

Anybody want to bake cookies with me while we wait for tec support?


  1. I do!!! Yum 🙂