Kitchen Floor Chalk- Learning Letters and Numbers


It happens to be winter where we live and our sidewalks are buried under a few feet of snow.  It will be months before we can use our sidewalk chalk so I decided to try the chalk on our kitchen floor.

We couldn’t see the chalk well because my kitchen floor happens to have a pattern.  So we rolled up our area rug and drew on the hardwood floor.  I’m not sure if chalk is horrible for hardwood or not but it seemed to wipe off well.

This week we have been working on upper and lowercase letter F.  I drew letter F’s in hearts (for Valentine’s Day) and we played an active game.


One person called out either capital F or lowercase f and the kids ran and stood on the correct heart.


The chalk kept getting rubbed off by their socks so we took turns drawing on the letters again (which added some more printing practice!). Then we erased the letter F’s in hearts and I drew some numbers.  The children enjoyed the erasing as much as the games.


I drew numbers 1 to10 and then the kids used wands to point to the numbers as they counted orally.  Theyounger children went off to play and I added numbers to 50 for the older children.

We focused on skip counting by 5’s. I drew those numbers in larger hearts to make it obvious to the children how the pattern looked visually.


A pointer or wand always makes this type of activity more enjoyable for the kids.  We counted by ones, then fives, then tens and finally by twos.


Before we erased the chalk numbers we played a game of number twister!  They loved it when I had a turn and they called out the numbers for me.


I’d love to hear what chalk games you and your children play indoors.  Please share your ideas with us!


  1. Fun! I never thought of writing on the floor with chalk! Thanks for linking to Share It Saturday this week.

  2. Love that letter chalk game! I have never thought about using chalk indoors, but I know my kids would love it! Thanks for sharing this kid’s activity at Mom’s Library!

  3. Hi there, just popping by to let you know I featured this on The Sunday Showcase

  4. I would have never tried writing on wood floors; good to know it cleaned up easy! Thanks for linking to Mom’s Library!

  5. I love this idea! It’s totally something I’d do when my husband was gone during the day… he might not think the hardwood was so “chalk friendly” but I’m willing to try! I featured this activity on my Mom’s Library feature today. Thanks!

  6. We used painters tape to make a race tracks for the kids – they had a blast

  7. great!! we are beginner in teaching pre-school, but after reading it, we can get an idea, thank you very much…
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  8. How fun! I never would have thought to use the sidewalk chalk on the floor!


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