Land Art – Making Designs With Stones

land art

Children love to walk in nature and they also enjoy picking up stones and leaves along the way.  Most of the children in my daycare group enjoy looking at rocks and collecting a pocketful by the end of our walk.  I find it difficult to convince the children to leave the stones and sticks in the forest instead of constantly bringing them home with us.

I came upon the concept of Land Art by an artist named Richard Shilling.  I invite you to look up his art pieces, they are breathtaking!  He uses natural objects like stones and leaves to create beautiful works of art in the forest.  He has a site all about Land Art for Kids.  The idea inspired me to gather up my daycare troops and head out into the forest to try our hand at some land art.


I printed off some examples of land art to show the children before they gave it a try themselves.  Gathering natural materials is a favourite pass time for my crew so the first step was easy.  I took them to a clearing with an endless amount of rocks available for the whole group. This helped to avoid any arguments over everyone wanting to use the same type of material.

Most of the children did decide to build with stones.  The younger children were excellent junior helpers and they enjoyed collecting a large pile of rocks for their partner to arrange into a design.


Some of the older children tried their hands at balancing the rocks. Adult arms were needed for some of these stones.



Other children decided to use a few stones and other materials they found on the forest floor.


Even our youngest group member made some land art.  Here is his pile of cedar bits carefully piled on a tree stump.


I invite you to take your daycare group into a small patch of nature and create your own Land Art.  We found it an enjoyable way to spend the morning. The children giggled with delight at the joy our art work would bring whomever used the nature trail that afternoon.

Spending time examining and handling stones and celebrating the beauty of the natural world brought smiles to everyone in the group.  What a nice way to show respect and honour to mother earth.

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