Learning to Print Your Name-Race Car Theme


Do you have a little race car driver in the family or in your home daycare?  I have one at my house.  He LOVES to drive toy cars around race tracks.  He is also learning how to write his name.  I put together this little printing practice activity for him and he was thrilled.

I traced the block letters of his name onto a piece of paper.



If you don’t have stencils, draw them free hand.


Then I drew a tiny car (o.k. my artistic skills aren’t the greatest), where I wanted him to start printing each letter.


 Then I drew a box, which was the parking space where his car was going to end up.


 He started at the car and traced a path down to the parking space.


 Some letters needed multiple cars and parking spaces but he was eager to follow directions in sequence because it was so much fun.


This activity worked well because it only took a few minutes to prepare and he really enjoyed the experience.

What is your child’s favourite printing practice activity?


  1. This will be perfect for my son. I’m sure we’ll be doing this more than once.

  2. Manuel Hermann says

    it is perfect for childerns.