Letter “B”-Letter of the Week Program

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This week we focused on the letter B.  We read the AlphaTales Letter B book about a bear that blows bubbles.  The next day we read this book about a bear and a balloon. So after hearing two stories about bears we had to make a bear craft.


We made a cute bear out of a capital B using black construction paper (pictured above).  I found this bear craft  from Preschool Lesson Plans.

I explained how to print a capital B to my daycare children through a little story of my own. You will need a toy bus and a little boy figurine or any two objects that start with the letter B.  How about a bunny riding a bike?  A bird kicking a ball? You get the idea.  I drew a large letter B on our easel paper and made up a story about this boy taking a bus ride home.


The green dot is where the bus started and then it drove downwards to the red dot.  This is where the bus is lifted off the paper and had to fly back to the start!  Then the bus drove off again following the dotted line around the curve. It paused at the yellow light as it touched the dotted line, dropped off some passengers and continued around the next curve to the red light.  This is where the boy got off safely at home.


I let the children take turns driving the bus along the route as they traced the letter B.  Then I gave each child their own blank letter B and let them repeat the story as they traced the B with a marker.  They traced the B several times with different colours.  The story helped them remember where to start and how to “fly” back up to the top to print their letter B’s.


The next day we reviewed how to print a capital B while we were outside playing. The children and I traced B’s in the sand at the park.


We walked past a dark brown bench with half of the seat still wet with morning dew. Perfect time to trace B’s with our fingers in the water!  I showed the kids how to dip their finger into the dew and then draw a letter B on the dry section of the bench. They used my B as a reference and made their own.


We watched the sun dry up the Letter B a few seconds later.  The sun erased our Letter B’s like magic, allowing the children to repeat the process again and again!


I wanted to review the letter names and the sounds the letters make so I set up a little outdoor letter cafe in the backyard.  I used a few foam letters and set up different stations in the pretend kitchen of the letter cafe.


Each stump held a letter and a bowl of an imaginary ingredient that could be added to my make believe pizza.  I demonstrated how to visit each letter station, say the letter name and then ask the cafe customer if they wanted ____ on their pizza.  For example, the child would go to the letter B station with the imaginary pizza and ask me if I wanted any berries or bacon on it.  Then they would go to the letter A station and ask if I wanted any apples on my pizza.


They had a great time and this is a game we can return to again and again as we learn more letters each week.

I have one last activity I want to share with you today.  If you don’t already have Bingo Daubers in your craft supply kit, I highly suggest you run out and get some.  Unfortunately, some brands can stain clothing, so be careful.  I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t LOVE to use them.  I printed off some capital B’s and let the kids use Bingo daubers to fill in the letter. They absolutely go crazy over this activity.


I wish you a beautiful week filled with Letter B fun!


  1. K from London ON says

    I’m so glad I found this! And your just starting the alphabet again. I love feeling like a teacher and getting the big kids ready for school. We played outside or Barbie’s all summer and got away from learning projects. We will start with A today. I’m so excited you give such detailed steps. Hurray!

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