Letter “E” -Letter of the Week Program- part 1

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Welcome to letter E week.  The activities for this week are split into a part one blog post and part two blog post.  Part two will be posted tomorrow and it contains a story about Letter E using toys.  The story also reviews the letters we have covered so far.  You can read through the story tomorrow and it demonstrates how straightforward it is to create your own oral storytelling activities.  You are welcome to use my story or make up one of your own to fit the interests of your daycare children.

We started off letter E week by reading our letter E books.  This followed with a discussion about the sound of letter E and the position of our mouth when we say the letter E sound.  I drew the children’s attention to the different movements our mouths make for letter E as opposed to letter A.  Practicing making the letter sounds in front of a mirror is helpful for children who are having trouble isolating each letter sound.


Since we seemed to be going with an elephant theme for letter E, I found a cute letter E craft that funwithmama did with her son. We used her fantastic template and then added our own toes and tail.


The children found letter E easy to print because of all the straight lines.  Once young children start printing letter E from memory they often add more than three horizontal lines.  Don’t worry too much about this learning step.  With more practice and awareness it will eventually come.  I made sure to take a few pictures of these crazy looking letter E’s when my own children printed them for their memory albums.

We traced the letter E with pencil this week and then used a Q-tip in paint to dab on tiny Easter egg shapes.



Since we made tiny Easter egg paint shapes on our letter E, I decided to use painters’ tape and put a giant E on the play room carpet.  Then I found our plastic Easter eggs that we use at Easter time.  The children opened the Easter eggs into top and bottom halves so they would stand up.  Then they lined them up to cover the whole letter E.



Ta-da!  A letter E filled with Easter eggs.

One day this week, I got out the Wikki Stix .  These flexible waxy sticks are a great tool for forming letters and numbers.  They also stick on window glass to make a good car toy.  Caution, they do leave behind a faint residue that needs to be washed off.


When we were outside playing in the leaves, the children and I worked together to make the letter E in leaves.  They also used sticks, rocks and their fingers to make letter E’s.


We finished the week with a little review using a Melissa & Doug ABC Alphabet Train Peg Puzzle.  First the children had to find the letter E and then we completed the puzzle together.  We sang the alphabet song several times and talked about the different pictures on each letter piece.


I hope your letter E week is Excellent!

(Stay tuned tomorrow for our Letter E story about a little Elephant)



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