Letter “E” -Letter of the Week Program- part 2

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*Please note there is a Letter E-Part 1 that was posted yesterday with many hands-on Letter E activities.

Currently, at my home daycare there has been endless imaginative play about fire trucks, fire fighting and fire rescue.  I believe that teaching to the children’s interests helps engage them with the material.  Therefore, I made up a little story about an elephant who needed some help from the local fire fighting crew.  My biggest fire fighter fan was mesmerized as the story unfolded.  It was such a joy to watch his face light up with excitement. I decided to use the letters of the alphabet that we have covered so far as a review.  I used the lacing card letters I showed you in my letter C post a few weeks ago and some toys  from the playroom. Here is my story of the little elephant.


Once upon a time there was a little elephant that lived with his mother.  They lived in a lovely house surrounded by large maple trees.  It was autumn and the leaves on the trees were almost finished falling to the ground.  The eavestroughing (we talked about this letter E word the other day so my kids were familiar with it) was filled with leaves.  Mommy elephant was planning on using her trunk to empty the leaves from the eavestroughs when little elephant asked if he could complete the job.


Mommy elephant asked him how he was going to reach the eavestroughing as he was just a little elephant.  Little elephant said he had a plan to use a ladder from the shed.  So off Mommy elephant went to rake the leaves while little elephant went to work.

Little elephant went into the shed but he couldn’t find the ladder.  He did come across a giant letter A. (I paused here to let the children tell me the name of the letter). He tried to use the letter A but its sides were slanted and he kept sliding back to the ground.  Letter A did not make a very good ladder.


Little elephant went back into the shed and found the letter B.  He tried to use the rungs of the letter B to climb up to the eavestrough but he kept sliding down the two big bumps and landing on his bottom!  (The children thought this was HILARIOUS, preschool humour is so easy, isn’t it?)  Little elephant decided that letter B did not make a good ladder.


Little elephant went back into the shed and found letter C.  He could only stay balanced at the top for one second before sliding back down it’s curved side. (I tried to link characteristics of the letter to the elephant’s efforts so that the children would have another reference to remember them by).  Little elephant decided that Letter C did not make a very good ladder.


Little elephant went back into the shed and found letter D.  He managed to get to the top of letter D and pull one leaf out of the eavestrough.  When he reached for a second leaf his body slipped and he sailed down letter D’s curved back with a fast WOOSH and a head over heels tumble.


Little elephant was getting tired.  Would he ever find something in the shed that looked like a ladder?  Something that he could climb up?  Something that would help him reach the eavestrough?  Little elephant went back into the shed and found the letter E.  WOW, this letter looked very similar to a ladder.  It had a nice strong straight edge.  It had three horizontal rungs that would be perfect for stepping on. (As I described the letter E, I pointed to each of the parts of the letter E lacing card).

The only thing the letter E was missing was a straight edge of the opposite side. (I held up my finger to the letter E to show how it could look like a ladder). Little elephant didn’t mind that it wasn’t exactly the shape of a ladder.  He felt sure it would work great!

Little elephant climbed the three rungs of the letter E and was delighted to discover he was able to reach the eavestrough.  Little elephant went to work cleaning out the leaves with his trunk.


Unfortunately, little elephant was so focused on his job that he didn’t notice when he stepped to the end of the letter E with no edge the letter E tipped and fell to the ground. Little elephant cried for help as loud as his trunk could trumpet.  Can you guess who came to help him?  The fire fighters!  (The children helped me make the fire truck siren sounds).


The fire fighters quickly raised their fire truck bucket ladder and helped little elephant to safety.  Mommy elephant stood close by to give him a hug once he reached the ground.  Little elephant and Mommy elephant thanked the fire fighters for their help.


Little elephant decided to never climb on objects that were not ladders again! Little elephant and Mommy elephant traded leaf jobs.  Mommy elephant cleaned out the eavestroughing using her long trunk and little elephant raked up the leaves on the ground. They had a wonderful afternoon. The End.


What toys and props do you have in your daycare to engage your children in a letter E story?  Happy storytelling everyone!


  1. Gasp! This is awesome!! I love your stories! You incorporated so much in this story, things that start with E, the children’s fire fighting interest, the season we are in right now, and a review of all the letters you have done up to date! Plus safety! Wowzers! You’re good!

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