Letter “G” -Letter of the Week Program

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Welcome to our week of learning letter G.  I introduced the letter G by reading through our Alpha Tales letter books and talking about the words we know that begin with the letter G sound.


We traced the letter G with these neat Triangular Crayons.  They don’t roll off the table and are easy for little fingers to grip.


I have the children say a little phrase whenever we form a letter. This helps them remember where to start a letter, what direction to go and where to stop. Sometimes the children come up with their own little phrase.  We repeated, “around and around and around and IN!” for the letter G several times as they traced it with different crayons. We noticed how a capital G is similar to a circle if you forgot to go in with your crayon and just kept going up and around.

Taking the time to examine how a letter is formed and what it reminds the children of helps them notice each section of the letter. Drawing the children’s attention to the components of each letter is done in a conversational way.  We simple discuss the activity we are working on and share our ideas and thoughts with each other.  This approach makes learning a natural end product and not a right or wrong task.


The next day while we were outside we collected some long pieces of grass. I set up a little work station to practice letter G and their cutting skills. Children love to receive trays of organized materials.  Put everything they will need on their tray and they will happily bring it to their spot and get to work.


I saved their traced letter G’s for this grass cutting activity.  First they cut the grass into small pieces then glued it onto their letter G.


Grass is very easy to cut and they thought this was silly and fun.  If you have a tray or mat underneath the activity it’s easy to scoop up the extra tiny grass clippings and toss them back outside.

The next day we decided to use these easy wipe off crayons to write on our glass window.  Glass starts with the letter G!  The crayons came from this letter learning Write-A-Mat we have. I love this mat.  We use it daily as our reference guide to the alphabet. It’s helpful to have a reference poster or guide in your kitchen or playroom for the children to go and look at whenever they feel like it.


I wrote the letter G on the window and then had the kids take a turn.



They enjoyed using the spray bottle and cloth to clean the window just as much as they did writing on the window.

Letter G is for Goldfish as well!  We pasted construction paper water onto our letter G’s and then glued on some little goldfish.  My daughter decided to add some fish food.  I found the idea of the goldfish craft from The Vintage Umbrella.


After we completed our letter G craft we talked about the sound of G and what other words begin with the letter G.  The children asked if we could eat some Goldfish crackers at snack time.  I suggested we try to make letter G’s with our small pile of crackers.

It proved to be a bit tricky so I gave the children a paper napkin and wrote a letter G on it.  Some were able to make their own letter G in crackers beside the model while others placed their crackers directly on top of the letter G.


The topic of goldfish gave me an idea on how to make our own ‘Go Fish’ card game to review the letter names we have learned so far.  I used to play the traditional game of ‘Go Fish’ with a child who always instructed me to “goldfish” instead of ‘go fish’ when I didn’t have a match.  He was convinced this was the correct term to use and it was adorable. 🙂  With this in mind, I made up our own game of ‘Goldfish’!

First, I made matching sets of the letters A-G.  You could use this as an opportunity to have your child practice printing the letters as you make the game together. In hindsight, I should have shaped the letter cards into the shape of fish and printed them on orange paper.  They would have looked like goldfish.


Each player gets dealt three cards.  I chose only three cards because we are only reviewing letters A-G.  We will play this game again and add in more letters as we learn them.  Increase the dealt cards to five cards each once you have more letters to practice. We found a little pretend goldfish bowl and put the remaining letters inside. Each person tries to get a match.  I played the first hand with the cards down on the table showing everyone the object of the game.


My group paired up so the younger children received help from the older children.  Each player in turn asks another player, “Do you have a letter _____?”  If the player has that letter, they give it to the other person so they can make a match.  If they don’t, they say, “Go Fish” or “Goldfish”.  The player gets to reach into the goldfish bowl and choose a card to hopefully achieve a match.  Once they have a match, they put those cards to the side.  The game ends once all the cards have been matched up.


If this game is too advanced for your group, you could use the same cards in a memory matching style game.  Find the matches and then say the name of the letter.  The cards could be face up or face down to make it more challenging.

Later in the afternoon, we used our creative geo board (click on the link to see how to make one) and elastics to make a letter G together.  The kids problem solved and tried a few different nail combinations until they came up with a shape that looked like a capital G.


We went on a letter G walk around our neighbourhood to see how many things we could spot that started with the letter G.  Since it was a few days before Halloween I suggested this walk because I knew we were going to see quite a few ghost decorations.  You could also plan this walk for your garbage day to guarantee spotting some garbage cans.  We saw grass, a gate, ghost decorations, garbage cans, a glass bottle, the colour green, gutters, a garden, a girl, geese and the ground.

Good luck on your walk and I hope your letter G week is Glorious!

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