Letter “H” -Letter of the Week Program

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I love horses so the children were teasing me this week that of course I would choose a horse craft for letter H!  I found the idea for the craft from Miss Maren’s Monkeys and then cut out my own mane and tail pieces.  We didn’t have brown paper so the children coloured their letter H’s brown before we began.  I read them our AlphaTales Letter Books as they sat and coloured.


We isolated and emphasized the sound of letter H in the words horse and hippo. The books are a great way to practice hearing the H sound in many different words in the story.  I liked the Hide-and-Seek Hippo story so much I decided to play a little letter hiding game with the kids.  I have a toy hippo that I used to act out a story.  The hippo had a stack of letter cards that he lost on his walk. He looked everywhere for them but he couldn’t find one (here he is looking by the pumpkins).  He needed the children’s help to find all the letter cards.


I used a deck of alphabet Flash Cards I own but you could simply use letters written on squares of paper or magnetic letters.


I hid the flash card letters we have already learned (A-H) around the house.  The children got a chance to search for them and practiced saying the letter name and sound when they returned the letter to the deck.  Preschool children love any type of hide-and-seek game and you can alter the difficulty of the hiding spots to accommodate older or younger children.

The next day we learned how to print the letter H.  The children found it straightforward and easy to form a capital H.  I gave them the little phrase, “one friend, another friend, holding hands” to help them remember the order in which to make the lines for the letter H.  The first vertical line represents a friend standing straight.  The second vertical line represents the second friend standing tall. The third horizontal line represents the two friends holding hands.


We used markers and these neat no-mess Paint Brush Pens.  I believe true painting is essential for young children (the mixing, stirring and layering on of colour) but these are great for a quick craft activity.


The next day we brought out the salt tracing box (salt box is explained in letter A post) and formed some letter H’s in the salt.  I encourage you to use little songs or phrases to help your children remember how to form the letters of the alphabet.  One child at my house had forgotten the steps to making a letter H.  The “friends holding hands” short song worked as a gentle reminder to spark his memory from the previous day.


Letter H lends itself nicely to using popsicle sticks, straws, Lego or whatever you have in your house to form the letter H.  We used some matching picture blocks to make letter H’s.  This was also an easy letter to make with our hands and forearms. Hold your two hands up and form the cross piece with your thumbs.


I love Melissa & Doug products and I wanted to share this Alphabet Puzzle Book we used this week to review the letters of the alphabet.  It’s a good one for those children who like to use their hands while they are learning.  The letters and the pictures come out of each page.  The identical picture is under each piece so children can complete the whole book even if they don’t know all the letter names yet.  We used it as a group learning activity to practice letter names and letter sounds.


 I hope your letter H week is a HAPPY one!


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