Letter “J” -Letter of the Week Program

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Welcome to letter “J” week. We decided to make a jelly fish for letter J this week because my children have been playing all sorts of deep sea imaginative games.   Our inspiration came from Crystal and Co.


I love to search Pinterest for great craft ideas.  If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, I encourage you to go check it out.  You can click on this Pinterest link to get directly to my Pinterest page. I’ve put together a home daycare page filled with great ideas from all over the web for you!  I add pins and links on an ongoing basis.  Going to Pinterest will save you lots of time and frustration when you are looking for good ideas to get you organized or inspired.

We started out the week by reading our letter J AlphaTales books and tracing the letter J with pencil crayons.


One of our books was about jumping rope.  I laid out a jump rope on the floor in the shape of a letter J.  The children took turns jumping over the letter J while they make the sound of ‘j’.  Then they used the jump rope to make other letter shapes.


Now that we have been making different letters every week using our arms, legs and bodies the children have become quite creative in their letter forming ability. Here is a letter J using a child’s arms.


Children have the amazing ability to use their imagination to fill in the gaps when they are playing and learning.  Playing is learning! Some kids have an easier time remembering how to print letters when they have “felt” the letter as they create it with their limbs.  This is a powerful learning tool for some children and great fun for all kids.

The next day, while we were out exploring a local trail, I made a large letter J in the gravel with my feet.


I had the children guess what letter I was making (it was easy!) and then they all made a little follow the leader train and followed my tracks.  Then we thought of action words that start with the letter J.  The children jumped on the letter J. They jiggled on the letter J. They jostled on the letter J.  Then they all jogged away!


One of the goals of our letter of the week program is to bring the world of letters into the children’s awareness.  When we talk about, play with, and have fun with letters, children follow our lead and start to notice the world of letters all around them.  This happened on our walk.  One child picked up a bent twig, brought it to me and said, “this looks like a J!”


Wow, if I had gone out looking for a letter J shaped stick I’m not sure if I could have found one, but often it is the children who create the best learning moments.  We then found a smaller stick for the letter J’s hat and brought the letter J home with us in our wagon.

The next day the children and I collected a few different sizes of jars for our letter J activity.  The younger kids enjoyed taking turns tapping the jars with a spoon and listening to the different sounds they created.  The older kids ended up filling some with water to compare the sounds they created.


We sang the letter J song several times as they played the jars.  Here is our little song.

J says ‘juh’, J says ‘juh’, every letter makes a sound and J says ‘juh’.

Jar starts with J, jar starts with J, every letter makes a sound and jar starts with J.


Then we made a simple instrument from materials in our recycle bin to add a jingle verse to our song. First we washed out some lids.


Then we hammered a nail through the middle of each lid to create a hole.


One child threaded a pipe cleaner through each hole and wound the two ends together to form a ring. The lids made a great jingle sound when the kids shook them.


Now that we had a homemade jingle instrument we sang our song again and added this verse.

J says ‘juh’, J says ‘juh’, every letter makes a sound and J says ‘juh’.

Jar starts with J, jar starts with J, every letter makes a sound and jar starts with J.

Jingle starts with J, jingle starts with J, every letter makes a sound and jingle starts with J.

The children sang and jingled and tapped the jars and made a great awful racket. The fantastic part was that they were all smiling and singing as they created their homemade tunes.

We finished up our J week with a letter J themed snack.  My oldest child suggested jelly beans and ju jubes for snack!  🙂 Nice try, however, we decided to go with jam on toast and juice.

I wish you a letter J week filled with JOY.


  1. How exciting and fun!! I am so glad you guys enjoyed our letter of the week craft for J.


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