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Welcome to letter K week!  Both of our letter books (AlphaTales link) featured a kangaroo for letter K so we decided to make our letter K craft into a mother and baby kangaroo.  Our inspiration came from Mommy.Nanny.Guru this week.


I talked about the sound of letter K and the kids and I brainstormed a handful of common words that begin with the letter K.  The word ‘kick’ was one of our words.  I wanted to do a letter review type activity this week so I made up a little game called, “Kangaroo Kick Ball.”

I found our bin of animals and dug out two kangaroos.  Then I set up our fridge magnet letters into a bowling pin type pattern.


Each kangaroo got a ball and had a chance to kick their ball down the table and try to knock down as many letters as they could.


The children thought this idea was great fun.  They love it when I make the toys talk.  I had the kangaroo excitedly shout out the names of the letters he knocked down. “Yippee, I knocked down an H, A, and a C!”


The children took turns with the two kangaroos and the fridge magnet letters. You could also use toilet paper tubes with the letters written on them or cut up egg carton cups.  Use whatever type of letters you have that will stand up independently and will be easy to knock down.  The bigger the ball the easier it will be for the children.  Of course, the more letters they knock down the more practice with letter names they will inadvertently get.

Here is the baby having a turn with his own version of the game.


The children practiced printing the letter K with crayons and worked with a friend to make the letter K with their arms.

We went out to a local marsh this week and the kids found sticks to draw letters in the freshly fallen snow. Here is a frosty letter K.



We were walking along the nature trail and paused as we came to a fork in the path.  While we stood there and talked about what trail to choose, my four-year old exclaimed, “Hey, the paths are a K!”  It took me a minute but then I could see it.  The kids are blocking part of it in the picture so…


……I used Photoshop to draw a blue letter K on the paths to show you what he meant.  I love how kids see the world with fresh eyes and a unique perspective.

letter k trail.jpg

We continued on our walk and had a lovely time finding different letters and shapes in the forest.  This is off topic, but check out the tree one of the children said looked like a number four.


Do your daycare children love play doh?  My group will create for hours with play doh.  I showed them how to make a letter K with play doh and then asked them to give it a try. Here is one child’s letter K.


I have a bin full of play doh friendly toys such as rolling pins, scissors and cookie cutters.  However, today I also gave the older children toothpicks and challenged them to form a letter K by poking holes in the play doh. They got the hang of it right away.


Poking holes in the play doh reminded me that we hadn’t used our giant push-pin in a while. The next day I whipped up a quick letter K push-pin activity.  I’ve blogged about this type of activity before but I’ll mention it again because it is so easy, quick and all my kids love it!

Grab a marker and write a few large letters on a piece of paper.  We use a Giant Push Pin because our clever friend at Rockabye Butterfly recommended that it is easier for the children to grasp.  She’s right.


Make sure your children do this activity over something that can be poked like a bulletin board or an old piece of wood.  We just lay the paper on the carpet and it works like a charm.


Have each child trace the letter ‘K’s by poking holes in the paper.  Once they are done you can hold the paper up to a window and they can see their work! This is a great fine motor skill that makes a very satisfying sound when the pin gets jabbed through the paper.  The majority of children love this activity.  Of course, close supervision is highly recommended as they are using a sharp push-pin.  We always do this activity one at a time. IMG_9475-resized

Later in the week, we were playing at the park and the children were collecting large pine needles and maple keys.  I pointed out that they had found another word that began with the letter K- Keys!  We made letter K’s with the maple keys and the pine needles for fun.



I hope your letter K week is filled with little kooky, kindhearted kindergarteners who are up for some kinesthetic kite flying fun!

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